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  1. According to posters in The Student Room, Clarendons have already been allocated, I was aware of the slim chances from the beginning, but still, knowing that I probably would not get to go to Oxford leaves me feeling heartbroken.
  2. Does anyone know whether it is considered appropriate to email your department, or the offices of a particular fund, to ask if the successful applicants have been notified already?
  3. Hi everyone. So with quarantine going strong, I was wondering, how about sharing some historical film/series recommendations? Either fiction or nonfiction are welcome. (sorry I am not absolutely sure about the English terms)
  4. I am an international student, also waiting for news regarding funding... About a week ago I was notified that due to COVID-19 decisions about college placement and funding might be delayed. I want to go there so bad, but without funding it would be impossible.
  5. Thank you so much! I am currently in the finishing stages of my masters and looking into PhD programs.
  6. Congrats, that's amazing!
  7. Hi everyone, I have just received the wonderful news that I got into the PhD program at Oxford, and am now anxiously waiting to hear about funding. I was wondering if anyone who has applied to the History department had heard anything from Ertegun or other scholarships open to international students.
  8. Thank you! I can't believe they pulled such an offer, what a disappointment... Indeed I am aware that my chances are slim. I am not an American, so American sourced of funding are irrelevant, but I am scouring the net for any relevant scholarships. I applied to the Ertegun scholarship.
  9. Congrats to you too! I am beyond excited. Oxford is my first choice, I really hope to get funding. I have just spoken to a friend who studies at Cambridge and she definitely thinks it's a good idea to write to them, so I've just sent an email.
  10. I just got notified that I've been accepted to Oxford. I am so excited. Fingers crossed for funding... I was wondering, is it common practice to email your potential supervisor to thank them for their support and/or let them know whether you plan to accept the offer?
  11. So if I haven't been contacted so far, I guess it's bad news 😕
  12. Manana

    London, England

    Hi! I got accepted to UCL and I'm trying to get a picture of the living costs in London to understand if I would be able to afford it. I'm an international student and don't know the city at all so it's all quite overwhelming. Firstly, housing: how much would you estimate that I would have to pay for a studio apartment in a neighbourhood that is nice for a couple of women to live in (which for us means somewhere where it isn't completely dead at night, it is queer friendly and the crime rates are relatively ok)? Also which neighbourhoods would you recommend we look at? Then, other costs of living: I know this really differs from individual to individual, but like a general estimate of food, payments such as gas, electricity, water etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. I got into UCL! So excited. Unfortunately, got denied a scholarship. Currently looking for other funding options.
  14. Hi everyone, I am expected to be granted a German citizenship sometime in the coming year- unfortunately, as tends to happen with bureaucratic processes, I don't know exactly when. This came as a bit of a surprise following certain changes in German law, and obviously late in the application season. I am currently trying to understand what this might mean for me for the academic year 20/21, and obviously Google is massively helpful but I thought I might get more focused help from people who are familiar with the situation, as I am currently a bit overwhelmed with the changes (my applications have been mostly focused on American universities as they grant a scholarship). So my questions are: 1. I am currently holding a research degree offer from UCL, with an international fee status. I am waiting for an answer from Oxford. From what I've read on the website, I am not eligible for EU fees since I am not currently residing in the EU or UK. In your experience, is that an eligibility condition required across European universities and scholarships? 2. Could you recommend to me reliable sources for information on scholarships for European/German PhD students? I am currently geared towards studying in the UK, but I am open to exploring other options. Thanks!
  15. Does anyone know if Chicago has an explicit waitlist?
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