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  1. Thank you! I have written to them now. Here's hoping we will be classmates this fall
  2. Thanks for letting us know. I really trie to keep my hopes down but this is still so disappointing. Anyone heard news regarding AHRC funding?
  3. Also can I just vent- I have been accepted to three programs but don't have news about funding from either. I thought the second time around would be easier because I have the experience and much lower expectations, but I still find myself extremely anxious and having a hard time dealing with so much uncertainty. Especially as going to any of these programs means moving to a foreign country (and continent) so it's... a bit of a big thing to find out last minute.
  4. So in a bit of a delayed reaction I have realized maybe I should reply to this email? I mean they didn't ask for a reply for me but maybe it's the proper thing to do? Would appreciate any advice on that. I get so confused when it gets to email etiquette sometimes, especially in other cultures.
  5. I was just waitlisted by EUI. Actually received a bit of a weird, convuluted email, saying tat I had been accepted but due to the low amount of international student grants I had been placed on the reserve list. So essentially waitlisted
  6. Hey everyone, from what's happening in the results board I see that other departments have sent rejections and acceptances but nothing in the History department. Nervously waiting for news here, anyone else?
  7. I assume you have already been notified, but anyway, from what I've heard, being interviewd for Ox-related funding means you have been accepted and shortlisted for funding by your department, which means they have been very impressed with your application. Well done!!
  8. Thank you! I have indeed asked for the parameters, was answered kindly. It was basically a 15 minute conversation. Not really sure how it went, I forgot a ton of words but managed to keep up with the conversation. I'm supposed to be notified soon if I had been accepted to the program, and I heard that they sometimes actually give feedback if you hadn't been accepted, we'll see.
  9. Hiya I also received my DPhil offer very late this year compared to last year (which was March 6th). Fingers crossed this time I get funding, because otherwise I will have to give up the dream once again. Hope to be classmates this fall!
  10. I mean I think so, it was a personalized email. So weird. I'm not sure about asking them, I don't want to seem disrespectful or anything like that, but it is so weird and makes me really nervous
  11. No I haven't. From what people are saying at thestudentroom and from the results board here, it seems like most applicants haven't been contacted yet.
  12. So EUI just informed me that in addition to the panel interview, I would have to take an oral test in Spanish. Never heard of such a requirement before. It is bizarre to me to have to go through an oral test considering that I work on early modern history- not many interviews to be conducted there
  13. God I'm so nervous. I thought it would be easier second time around, at first I did seem to handle the wait better, but in the last week I have just completely lost it I'm so anxious. This time I didn't apply to US universities for a mix of professional, covid-related and personal reasons. I have applied to Oxford, UCL and European University Institute, which has invited me to interview. The interview is in front of a panel which makes me extra nervous (last year I did well in one-on-one interviews and totally bombed in a panel interview). It's especially scary because I'm not a native En
  14. Hey, anyone else slowly dying (not to be overdramatic or anything) waiting for admissions decisions to come out? Last year I received my offer on March 6th, so since this date passed I'm going a bit crazy.
  15. I've had an interview today and I feel like it didn't go great. Like it wasn't horrible, but I was nervous and not prepared and so I forgot important points in my answers and my english (not a native speaker) wasn't great at all, I stuttered and forgot words a lot. The good thing is, I know my prospective advisor is very interested in my proposed project (he mentioned it several times in emails and repeated it during the interview). So my question is- should I send an email? Is it considered appropriate to ask for a second interview, or to try to explain my performance? Just for referenc
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