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  1. Does anyone know if Chicago has an explicit waitlist?
  2. I have been rejected by my top choice, Michigan. I am so heartbroken. Was so excited to work with my POIs there who have expressed much interest in my research. I wish I knew what it was in my application that wasn't good enough so that I could work on improving it for the next application season.
  3. UMich is my top choice and I haven't received anything yet. This is truly nerve wracking.
  4. That was really motivational. Actually encouraged me to work on a report I need to get done.
  5. So I've just heard a term that is new to me, from a grad student in a different discipline- an "implicit waitlist". Does it exist in history? I assume not, but I still feel compelled to ask.
  6. Does anyone know if Brown waitlists have gone out?
  7. There are two other Brown acceptances on the board
  8. Congrats to the NYU admit, could you tell us the region/time period?
  9. This is amazing, congrats!
  10. Would you mind sharing your POI's initials? Maybe via pm if you prefer.
  11. Bit of a weird question- does an acceptance ever come in an e-mail to check website? Or can you assume rejection from the moment you see that? Not that I wouldn't check anyway, just wondering
  12. People who got the Johns Hopkins acceptances, would you be willing to share your time period/region?
  13. Same question to the JHU posters!
  14. Constantly waking up at night and checking your e-mail, since it is daytime in the US: The Foreign Applicant Experience™
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