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  1. University endowments never go towards actually productive things like paying grad students or anything like that. Lets also not forget that academic administration has been ballooning across the board which cuts into the bottom line of these universities as well. It's very feasible for universities to both pay grad students more AND keep cohort sizes larger if they wanted to. I can totally confirm what that other poster said about the 2 CP admits for Cornell though; I'm in seminars with a number of Govt professors here at Cornell this semester. I'm sure there is a lot beyond just the bottom l
  2. I plan to be back next year! I'm looking into one year Master's programs and I'm contacting the professor I'm doing research for to see if I can stay on full time after I graduate with this first Master's degree. I'm glad a number of people felt my presence was a positive one; if I was able to bolster the morale of even a few of you than I'm happy to have helped.
  3. Thanks, friend. I appreciate it. Congrats on your admits and I hope you get good news from your three outstanding applications as well!
  4. I am. You know what's better than one Master's degrees? TWO, ha ha. XD
  5. Well everyone, I got a rejection from my last viable school today. I still technically have an app outstanding at Yale but I've honestly written myself out of that race given all the other rejections. I'm looking into Master's programs now. For everyone that has gotten accepted this cycle, congrats! You've really earned them given how much smaller the cohort sizes are this year. For everyone else, there is always next cycle and I will likely see you all then.
  6. I will likely get to see some of the Cornell admits over Zoom according to the professor I'm in a class with during admit days. I'm looking forward to "meeting" some of you all over Zoom in like..4 weeks!
  7. Congrats to the people who got Cornell acceptances! It's a great school and I hope it's the first choice for all of you!
  8. Albany's CoL isn't too bad last I checked. I had a friend that lived there for a few years and they said it was pretty affordable, hopefully that is still the case!
  9. Got an email and it said it was posted on the status portal.
  10. I emailed the DGS at Kentucky, was told they hope to have decisions out by this coming week, the week of the 15th.
  11. Yeah, I agree with this 100%. If you sent in everything and they didn't even look at your file you should at least get the fee back.
  12. Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully you showing that you submitted the transcripts will get them to review your file but if they've already sent out admits I'd say the best you could hope for would be a waitlist since sending someone an admit after they've already sent them all out would likely mess with their numbers/estimates. You can't really do much other than that; you got dealt a bad hand with OSU in an already REALLY bad cycle, you'll just have to roll with it. If it makes you feel any better I have a friend who applied to OSU for Computer Science and he had a similar thing happen, se
  13. I mean, we're all adults and they can't exactly forbid us from getting jobs. Generally programs can dictate that you can only work up to x amount of extra hours if the job is on campus or related to the university in some capacity but they can't stop you from going and getting a part time job off campus. They will generally say that its impossible to work a part time job and devote enough time to schooling/research though but it's ultimately your decision to make in the end.
  14. I appreciate the cowboy mentality in these trying times lol
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