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  1. Hey, just following up. I took the UC Berkeley option. I haven't started but I'm excited and although I have some minor concerns, I am glad I made this choice. If there's anyone new to the school or anyone not new, I'm open to hanging out and meeting new people with the very little free time we will have over coffee or a drink. Also, totally into study groups or just comparing results for class/research and open to reviewing papers. email: engineer_alvara at berkeley dot edu
  2. hahah maybe the slogan could be "grad stuff" jk
  3. HM - E/VG, VG/E, E/E - Undergrad (graduated '17). Only bad notes were "However, the proposed research activities are not well linked to outreach." This is surprising since I stated that I am specifically intending to bring these research activities directly to underprivileged communities in the surrounding area during a summer REU. I guess the reviewer didn't read that far into the paragraph or doesn't value underprivileged communities as important outreach? I'm confused.
  4. Hi all, I am having trouble making a decision between these schools. They each have really great things going for me there and I am interested in both. Columbia has unofficially offered me TA and RA opportunities, with the PI I am looking to work with saying he usually requires at least 3 semesters of TA from his students. The PI at Columbia is conducting research that I am really interested in and we have already spoken about what work I would be doing. He is involved with the administration stuff but is seemingly not that busy aside from his research and grant writing but seems to
  5. Sorry for the late reply. The university offered me full funding, yes, but that funding was in the form of TA/RA offers. Just FYI. Contact the University first then see if they are going to fund you. Then if you find one, get back to GEM and they might list you.
  6. Yes, it is up to the university. But for me what happened was I found a university that was already going to give me the funding and then I told GEM and they just listed me as a GEM Associate Fellow.
  7. Hey, yes actually I got a lot of responses. It is a matter of persistence and making sure you actually initiate good first contact.
  8. So, from what I understand there are three ways to contact the GEM employers. GEM Portal Apply to the company for any position Find the GEM positions with those companies and apply I did all three.
  9. I recently had my Employer Member Status change from "matched" to "held" I have no idea what that means. I also emailed the GEM people and got a small response, didnt help much but here it is. "Thank you for contacting us at The National GEM Consortium. With regard to your MATCHED employer status, GEM Employers are actively reaching out to Complete 2018 GEM applicants right now. Please make sure your voicemail is updated with a professional outgoing message. Please respond within 24 hours to any requests for an interview or other GEM Employer inquiries. You will see your homepage Em
  10. I wanted to get the ball rolling here for the Ford Predoctoral Fellowship. Does anyone know the date of notification for awards?
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