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  1. spectastic

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    only in gen chem lab is it possible for it to be this hard for people to articulate the differences between accuracy and precision of measuring the density of water using different glassware. jesus fing christ.
  2. spectastic

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    5 am and a little more than half way through grading gen chem lab reports. FUCK
  3. spectastic

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    this new undergrad my adviser assigned to help me run experiments (due to my broken hand) is turning out to be a bit of a moron, who needs as much babysitting as giving simple instructions. not thrilled.
  4. spectastic

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    this cast on my arm smells like SHIT doctor tells me not to exercise and get it wet? haha good one.
  5. spectastic

    my name on a paper i didn't write??

    meh, i'll just put it on there. it won't matter in 5 years, but my publication section is looking awfully lonely right now haha
  6. spectastic

    my name on a paper i didn't write??

    I mean.. the concepts are similar in that they both involve polymer chemistry, which I can pick up pretty quickly given my background knowledge, should someone decides to ask me about it. However, the ways that these polymers were made were completely different. The challenges were different. I'm quite certain they learned nothing about that project from the work that I did.
  7. spectastic

    my name on a paper i didn't write??

    i contributed nothing to that project. they were 2 fundamentally different reactions
  8. so a few years back, in my undergrad, I did a lot of work for this professor. we were going to publish, but the paper never came, even after i graduated. eventually, i learn that the paper that was going to have my name on it got turned into a review paper and a patent, and i wasn't on either, because i was just a worker bee. however, the professor put my name on a completely different project which i was not part of at all, but the concepts were all very similar that i could probably figure out what it was all about. i haven't really tried asking about it, because i feel like the answer is that the professor felt bad that he told me i was going to publish, but didn't, kind of like pulling the rug from under me, so he put my name on something else. also, it was a long time ago, on a 2nd/3rd author paper that won't really matter in my career anyway. but then again, I did do a lot of work back then, so i feel like i should have something to show for it. in fact most of the proof of concept experiments and optimizations that lead to the eventual publication was done by me, as the grad student i was working with at the time was kind of going through an existential crisis. you think i should put that paper on my cv? ----- also, this is not related to my other topic "you put my name on your paper and i'll put my name......"
  9. The situation has changed. I broke my wrist in a bicycle accident, and will be in a cast for a good part of the summer. I can still write the manuscript, but there are a few experiments that I still need to run to make it complete. I was thinking have this dude help me run some of those experiments, get our data together, and for his project, I’ll ask for a role in it, and learn something too probably. This way, he gets his wish, and I get mine. What you think?
  10. spectastic

    Fasting in Grad School

    I saw this video, and it talks about intermittent fasting as one of the ways for caloric restriction, which has been one of the factors that's linked to longevity across the board between different species. the explanation provided is that from an evolutionary point of view, where when we're hungry, it means we need to hunt, and in turn, some biological switch turns on that makes us a little bit better at everything. for a long time, I thought fasting was BS. But there is actually science supporting its usefulness. definitely going to give this a try now.
  11. spectastic

    Yellowstone or Colorado?

    DUDE.. you should take a few more hours to explore eastern utah, like the moab area. it has the arches national park and canyonlands. I was in colorado a couple of weeks ago, and we were only an hour away from moab, so we decided to go, and it was awesome. and then drive north towards yellowstone. been to rushmore, badlands, etc. IMO, they're nice tourist attractions, but all you're really doing is going there, and snapping a few pictures. other than that, there's not a lot of reasons to stick around. yellowstone and yosemite are two places where it's really nice to camp out, hike around, and soak it in. once you reach the midwest plains, you're going to be bored to tears. believe me, I grew up there. but minniapolis is cool, chicago is cool. I hear detroit has really come around. but anything on the east side i've no idea about.
  12. We have a relatively small group. also, this guy has a history... he was basically forced out of his last group for reasons we don't know. I think that was a bad call by my adviser to take him in without knowing exactly why he was forced out in the first place. i have a friend from a different group who talks about this guy and some of the things he said. and based upon my interaction with him, it just seems like he's off somehow, like he wasn't socialized properly growing up or something. He's also got what carol dweck would call a "fixed mindset." All of this makes me think his value system is completely different, and furthermore, it's very hard to change it through intervention. So I'm leaving this one alone..
  13. this new guy in my lab just approached me in private, saying that if I put his name on my manuscript, he'll put my name on his eventual paper.. this is supposed to help us increase our paper count. I will admit, I've been here for 2 years, and don't have my name on a paper yet. I've done a lot of help work early on for other people, but those efforts went nowhere. But this putting other people's name on my paper and vice versa rubs me the wrong way. It doesn't seem like good practice of integrity, and I'm wondering if others have experienced similar things in their studies.. to clarify, we work on very similar projects. but we don't really collaborate. i showed him how do do a few things early on, but that's it. i'm not opposed to collaborating with him, given his experience in the field. however, i'm not a fan of his character.
  14. spectastic

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    post quals senioritis is a thing. damn..
  15. spectastic

    The Positivity Thread

    passed quals. ? and the new emoji collection is ?

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