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  1. anybody do a green smoothie diet?

    that's funny. child of 2 was my old account. haha. i still do the green smoothie thing pretty regularly. I'll put in grapes, bananas, strawberries, or any berries I can get my hands on, and pack it down with 1-2 salads worth of vitamin/mineral rich greens. sometimes, I'll even put a piece of carrot in there. everything is prewashed, so the process of taking everything out of the frig all the way to nutrient in my stomach literally takes 5 minutes. super efficient. It doesn't always taste the best. you can put brown sugar in there, but I personally don't care about the taste. I just want my nutrients, so that I can enjoy the steak guilt free
  2. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    my roommate's fiance saw me walking to the shower naked, and now every time she looks at me funny..
  3. Tips against lack of energy/motivation

    I felt that way last year at the end of the semester. holiday break and being away from research did the trick. aside from that: 1. sleep 2. nutrition 3. exercise 4. meditation it looks like you're already covering 1-3. #4 helps people focus more throughout the day. after something like 11 hours of meditation, they noticed changes in activities in the frontal cortex, which is responsible for "will power." I honestly haven't sat down enough to try it myself, but the science is there.
  4. The Positivity Thread

    my undergrads are awesome worker bees.
  5. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    just found out that some asshole is responsible for ruining my experiment. didn't leave a note or anything. this is going to set me back another day. i think i know who it is. considering confronting him about it.
  6. What to Do: Summer Before Grad School

    I can visualize #43 jerseys getting burned on bourbon street right now. haha
  7. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    it is risky, but then again, the traditional wisdom with investing is to take risks early, like in your 20s, because you can always make it back before you have a house, a spouse and 2 kids. on the other hand the potential reward can be pretty big
  8. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    when i moved out, my apartment said i owe them $70 some dollars for renovations they were going to do.. I just ignored it, because what are they going to do? take me to court or something? but you probably shouldn't take legal advice from me.. cryptocurrency. it's this new type of currency that got started when bitcoin came out. apparently it's been all the rage because some of them have tripled in value in the last couple of months for some reason. some people think it's a new gold rush. some think there'll be a crash. I feel like i should know about this stuff, but then i realize it's just a stupid stressful game like tetris.
  9. What to Do: Summer Before Grad School

    I think of relaxing as recharging my will power and whatnot. sometimes, you need to just do nothing, stop and smell the flowers you know? create space.. apparently, it helps with creativity to not be bogged down by the daily grind all the damn time. And when I get my energy back, I'll try to use it to fulfill different goals, whether it's career oriented, personal development, adventure type stuff. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
  10. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    just ignore them. at worse, your credit score drops a little.. unless they still have your deposit ----------------------- this crypto stuff hurts my brain. I need to learn about money..
  11. What to Do: Summer Before Grad School

    I'm all for relaxing, but relaxing for 2 months is an overkill for me.. Go cross off some bucket list items and make some memories. I've been dreaming of doing a motorcycle trip around south america for a year now. But I'm stuck in a PhD program where taking more than 2 weeks off straight would get me a "could you stop by my office when you get a chance?"
  12. What's better: living alone or finding a random roommate?

    ^ person has a point.. I live with roommates who leave the lights on, and have the fan running all night when they sleep. However, I still save a boat load of money with a 4x2 shared house, compared to living a lone. The bittersweetness of my situation was that when I was locked in my lease, my friends had already locked in theirs, so I had to scavenge craigslist to look for roommates. I've had good roommate situations and really bad ones (like omfg bro..), so my 2 cents is to take every opportunity to screen your potential roommates. I'm not friends with my current roommates. In fact, I don't even like them. None of them have a clear direction in life. We don't talk to each other. No shared interests. But at least we keep to ourselves and don't interfere with each other's spaces (it could be a lot worse). Despite that, I'd be paying 2.5-3x the amount I'm paying now if I were to live alone. It depends on the person what's more valuable: comfort, space, money, location, convenience...
  13. Extracurricular commitments?

    nice, maybe i'll see you out there! nationals is in colorado, which I've always wanted to find an excuse to visit. and it'll be interesting to see how us sea level folks handle the 5k' elevation. the atmosphere is supposed to be 15% less.
  14. Extracurricular commitments?

    oh cool! which cat are you? school?
  15. The Positivity Thread

    i approve this thread