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  1. They should tell you beforehand how much they are willing to reimburse. I have seen amounts from $200 to $800, sometimes its just airfares, sometimes you can get everything reimbursed including room and board, sometimes you are housed by grad students.... you should ask the school directly !
  2. Hey everyone ! I started my PhD in the fall, in the only university that accepted me. I don't feel home at all. Campus is ugly, I don't have friends, I don't like the city or my living situation and I barely make enough to live comfortably. On top of all the work, this has left me really depressed and I don't know what to do. I feel like I made a mistake coming here, although the courses are interesting and I like the academics. I don't know why but the idea of spending most of my 20s in this place just completely tears me down. I find no beauty in where I am and as a result I
  3. I personally take my notes with OneNote, it's free and you can create notebook, sub sections and sub sub sections. I have a notebook for each year and one for research. Its super practical because there is a research function that will look through all your noteboks's content. Its super easy to look back at notes you wrote a million years ago when you don't remeber when or how you wrote them. Plus side of one note : it syncs accross all your devices and saves everything online. You can also record your lectures through the software and then when you read over your notes, you can playback
  4. My TA health isurance has vision and dental. You'll have to check with the school directly
  5. I would wait. If they have decided to give you an interview they will. They might not give you one but still offer you a place because they know your current advisor for instance. In my cohort, I am the only one that did not get an interview, and obviously we all got in. I know its hard but the waiting game is part of the applications and it is still very early.
  6. The ipad 2018 is cheaper and can do a lot more than this tablet. I find it to be a life saviour with the apple pen for reading and taking notes. Bit pricy but worth it for me, especially because I save so much money on printing and it almost serves as a second monitor to my laptop.
  7. You should definetly talk to you advisors or department about it, if you did the work you should get paid
  8. Everyone needs me for long and tedious research work which means i have no time for my own
  9. Was so motivated to get a headstart on research (I have a research masters and my current phd program doesn't really encourage us to do research on the first year) because I don't want to stay there for 8 years and I was doing well so far, but I have recently lost motivation and its been a blank week
  10. Hey everyone, Almost everyone in my department is on a fellowship, all of us are on teaching assistantship. I am the only one of my year who is not on the fellowship yet I am doing a lot better than some of them, already have publications and publications in the making.... I have to admit this is taking a toll on me. Living under 16k a year is already hard enough, but knowing that everyone else is getting more based on what ? the gre grade that I missed by 0.5 ? Anyone got a similar experience ? Really trying to have a positive outlook on it but its hard...
  11. Finished a piece of homework earlier than planned !
  12. Hey everyone, So I'm a first year PhD student with a research intensive MA, I have written about 200 pages of research for my MA thesis already and didn't have a problem with that. In fact I was pretty confident about my results when I defended and graduated with highest honors. My research is pretty inovative, and although my jury was made of good professors, they don't really know much about my specific topic. However, now the time has come to sumbit papers from this research, and I am paralyzed. I keep on pushing the deadlines because I don't think I can physically put it "out the
  13. Hey all, I have found myself loving podcasts at the moment and I was wondering if ant of you had good recommendations, preferably about grad school or research ! Personally, I love The story collider !
  14. I know a lot of Ph.D students with tatoos, piercings, blue hair, unconventional clothing..... I really do not think it is inapproriate in any ways. If you are teaching, you might want to check that it is ok to show it. For instance, I could go to class in shorts but was advised to teach with long trousers only.
  15. I am european and I have a lot of impostor syndrome. Switching to the american system really helps. For those that don't know, in europe you don't do any coursework for your phd, you just jump straight into the research. By going to the us and allowing myself the time to learn more and gain skills, I feel like the impostor syndrom kind of faded away.
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