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  1. I did psych at Villanova for undergrad! Although it's difficult to say whether or not going there or anywhere really can *guarantee* you getting into a great PsyD program... From my experience, Nova has a really good reputation as a university and the psych department seems well known. The program and department there from my experience are really excellent and I think they prepared me really well for graduate work in psych. Not to mention I've met other Nova psych grads that got into great research programs/labs, so I think it can be a great jumping off point. Do you already have an advi
  2. Honestly, as a freshman I don't think you need to worry about this much. Do try to get into labs and make the most of it, but make sure you aren't absolutely focusing on grad school. Your goal should be to evaluate whether or not 1) you want to actually pursue psychology and 2) you want to study/focus on younger populations. I went into uni knowing that I wanted to do psychology, but it still took me about two years before finally taking all the science courses outside of psych. Which meant I had a really weird undergrad transcript Still got into an excellent program. Basically, my
  3. Its expensive, but they are furnished, utilities included, and near campus. I was wavering on whether or not to accept as well bc of price. Ultimately, I accepted bc it would be easier since I have to move from far away and would have to pay hotel bills for a week or so while I look for housing elsewhere not to mention cost for furnishing etc... LA is super expensive, so either way I'd prepared to budget like crazy
  4. I'll be in the psych department at UCLA!
  5. Hi all, I think this may just be my anxiety and excitement about grad school setting in, but I see a lot of people are saying that they use laptops to take notes and associated work in grad school. Personally, I've always handwritten notes, having always felt awkward or more distractible if I use my computer. I have a laptop that I plan on using for PDFs and articles, but otherwise was planning on buying some notebooks for classes and meetings. So, my question is: How usual is it to take handwritten notes?
  6. School: UCLA Track and/or specialization within psychology program: Cognitive Interview type: In Person Date: Feb 16-17th I had previously skyped and emailed frequently with this professor. So far, this is my first choice and am so happy to have gotten an invitation!
  7. Hi! Has anyone heard anything about UCLA? It looks like the developmental and social areas have sent out invitations, but haven't seen anything for cognitive?
  8. Who are you interested in working with in the department? I got my undergrad psych degree from there and know the department very well.
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