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  1. Berkeley, CA

    That is an understatement. My friend had this car stolen while parked inside a gated apartment complex.
  2. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I don't see why not. As far as I know, it's not uncommon. How much the school is willing to pay really depends on how much money the department has. USC never gave me an upper limit as to how much they were willing to pay, UCLA was willing to pay anything under $500, and my friend told me Northwestern could only cover $350. It doesn't hurt to send an e-mail and ask.
  3. UK vs US PhDs

    A US degree from a prestigious school is certainly more recognizable on the job market. HK universities all prefer graduates from top 10-20 US universities and it's becoming increasingly difficult for PhDs from HK, UK, and elsewhere to find tenure positions here.
  4. EALC 2018

    Thank you everyone! Best of luck to you all! @uniquesnowflake Let me know if you have any questions about UCLA and the LA area!
  5. EALC 2018

    @Math48 Messaged you. Well guys this pretty much concludes my cycle. Still waiting on two more schools but I've already made up my mind to accept UCLA's offer for a PhD in Chinese history.
  6. "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    @Mopar18 @Bayesian1701 Thank you both!
  7. "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    How did you guys decline the offer? I need to do it soon and I'm still pondering how I should write the e-mail.
  8. History Graduate Program Funding Package Spreadsheet

    Updated with my USC offer.
  9. Intensive Chinese Program or Manchu Language Program?

    Definitely not trying to undersell. I recognize the importance of Manchu in studying the Early and High Qing. There are a lot of Manchu language documents that are going to be indispensable when writing the dissertation. Still, at this stage, he needs Classical Chinese more than he does Manchu. Sorry, I should rephrase so it's clearer. You can absolutely continue Chinese courses in PhD, but I think the keyword should be "continue". Since OP would like to get into a top program, he needs to know Classical Chinese right now, and if he gets in, then continue, rather than know zero Classical Chinese and start from scratch once he is in the program. I don't think that's good for him.
  10. Intensive Chinese Program or Manchu Language Program?

    I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. You can't expect to study Classical Chinese once you're in a Ph.D. program. Working knowledge of Classical Chinese is pretty much a requirement to get into any Chinese history Ph.D. You will be expected to submit a writing sample that will demonstrate your knowledge of your primary language of study. If you don't know any Classical Chinese, what will you do about your writing sample? The language issue will come up when your documents are reviewed (my Classical Chinese was self-taught and during interviews, I was asked why I didn't take any Classical Chinese courses in undergrad). Furthermore, even if you get in, you will lag behind others who already have good knowledge of Classical Chinese. Manchu is an important language for studying the Early and High Qing, but the majority of your sources will still be in Chinese and you will be required to read a lot of Chinese secondary literature. Discuss it with your advisors, but I would suggest you work on your Classical Chinese first.
  11. Intensive Chinese Program or Manchu Language Program?

    How good is your Classical Chinese at the moment? Can you produce a seminar paper using Classical Chinese documents?
  12. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Yeah got this one too. All I can say its nice try, Columbia.
  13. EALC 2018

    @Kongyiji Not a poet by any means but it's a beautiful verse! Well done. Btw feel free to PM me if you have already questions about Berkeley or living in the Bay Area. Never went there myself but I live quite close to Berkeley.
  14. Fall 2018 Applicants

    It could possibly be a rejection, or it might mean you've been placed on an internal waitlist.
  15. 2018 Admissions, decisions, interviews, and the like

    The President's Day Massacre? Ah well, Columbia wasn't that good of a fit for me anyways. I feel like I applied to Columbia just for the sake of applying.