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  1. EALC 2018

    I've submitted all of mine, since my last deadline was the 15th. Good luck everyone!
  2. Application Not Displaying East Asian Text

    Well I've contacted all but one program where I had this problem (person in charge wasn't picking up so I'll try again later) and was able to get them reuploaded as PDFs. So I guess if anyone else has a similar problem, contact the department. The big lesson here is always use PDF, not docx.
  3. Application Not Displaying East Asian Text

    I've called UPenn and they said committee know it's a problem and if it makes me feel better I can send it to them as a PDF and they can upload it. I'll call my other programs and ask, but I'm mostly worried about the programs with earlier deadlines since it's been two weeks already. Stupid mistake on my part...I should have checked.
  4. My writing sample is from a journal article that I submitted for publication. My field is Chinese history, so as you can imagine the paper has Chinese characters in it for names, keywords, and citations. However, I noticed that a lot of the application portals do not display them after I upload them as docx format, causing the Chinese text to become squares. I've already submitted my application, so I was just wondering if this is going to end up counting against me.
  5. Tax Change Impact - Tuition Waivers Taxed!

    Definitely good that tuition waivers won't get taxed. The rest of the bill is still a disaster though.
  6. Recommendation Not Sent in Time

    Most universities won't mind letters coming in after the deadline since they'll most likely not start reviewing your applications until January (after winter break). USC, for instance, has told me that recommenders have until the end of the month to submit letters. One of my recommenders have also submitted late letters to Berkeley and Princeton and both were accepted by the system.
  7. December 1st

    Because wildfires?
  8. Fall 2018 Applicants

    LPT: Put your SOPs into a text-to-speech website and have it read back to you. I have found so many tiny grammar errors and missing words that I did not catch while reading. But when it's read out loud, you'll immediately notice if something is out of place.
  9. Late LOR's: How late is TOO late

    One of my recommenders also had a problem with USC (History). He told me nothing happens when he clicks on my name. I called the department and was told that professors should have until the end of the month to submit letters and the person I spoke to referred me to talk to tech support. I suggest you also give USC a call.
  10. Late LOR's: How late is TOO late

    I'm kind of worried too. One of my letter writers have procrastinated until now to send them in, and one of my schools is not allowing him to submit it. It could be because the department doesn't accept late submissions, since their website clearly stated to have the letters in before Dec. 1. I need to call tomorrow and ask.
  11. Tax Change Impact - Tuition Waivers Taxed!

    If the Republicans wants to deliver Trump a "win" before the end of the year, then the easiest thing to do is to just have the House vote and pass the Senate version of the bill. Otherwise, Reconciliation is going to be such a shitshow....
  12. Fall 2018 Applicants

  13. Fall 2018 Applicants

    This is a good point too. I'll see if I can work it into the SOP.
  14. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Have you received especially information from professors and graduate students at your current school? Nothing particularly noteworthy. I did receive advice specifically for Princeton (since it's a school both my supervisor and I believe is a good fit for me). He told me that Princeton and the IAS attracts a lot of visiting scholars and speakers, which I hadn't considered before, so I wrote that into my SOP as why I believe Princeton was a good place for me to study. Have you received information that is at odds with the recommendations provided here? Yes. I was told by a member here that any unpublished paper should be put under "Works in Progress." My supervisor looked at CV and criticized me for it. He told me any paper that has been sent out for review is no longer considered a working paper and should be listed under "Publications" with a notation that it is under review. How have your attempts to establish rapport with potential POIs worked and not worked? I'm applying to nine schools and sent out e-mails to all nine. Five professors have gotten back to me with all very positive responses. One told me to ask him questions if I had any and that he would introduce me to some current graduate students at his program, but he never replied to my second e-mail. Two have shown serious interest in my work and strongly encouraged me to apply to work with them. One of the two has also offered to Skype with me, and I'm still waiting for his response. I found that it was a good idea to send them a CV, since both of them made it clear that they've looked at it and that they considered me a strong applicant. What is your "to do" list and schedule for the rest of the current term? Revise my paper based on reviewer comments and use it as a writing sample, then resubmit. Go over SOP and PS one more time by deadline. Send out applications by deadline. Apply for a conference. Continue writing my thesis. How are you balancing your current responsibilities with your applications? I'm doing alright. I've already sent out one application since I needed to get the application in before I could send transcripts and GRE scores. I've already finished most of the SOPs. I wrote two versions for my two top choice schools which I'm using as a basic template for all other programs. I usually devote one day specifically to applications and the rest of the time I work on my own stuff. I just need to make sure all my recommenders remember to send in their letters by the deadline.
  15. EALC 2018

    Hi everyone! I study history (so I'm usually over at the history subforum), focusing on Imperial and Late Imperial China. Most of the programs I'm applying to are history, but I will be applying to East Asian programs at Princeton and UPenn.