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  1. Who did you apply to work under, if you don't mind my asking?
  2. I think all the decisions from the department has already gone out.
  3. We typically give out two offers, but this year the pool was very large (we had the second highest number of applicants) and very strong, so we're trying to get a third offer made. Otherwise we don't feel like it's fair.😂
  4. History. Chinese history is under the History Department at UCLA. The latest news I'm getting is that there will likely be a third recruit this year.
  5. Having a MA doesn't matter at UCLA. I came in with an MPhil and plenty of my cohort members have MAs, but we're still required to take courses and get an MA from UCLA. You can't use your MA credits to exempt out of courses here, which is not necessarily a bad thing because you'll have the opportunity to learn new things and build relationships with different professors.
  6. Congrats on UCLA! You can accept if you're dead set on coming to UCLA, but it's perfectly acceptable to accept afterwards. It's really important to meet your potential advisors in person and see the campus for yourself. You're going to be spending many years here and the last thing you want is to hate the campus and/or your advisors! I didn't accept until after I visited, even though I was 90% sure I was going to choose UCLA. Let me know if you have any questions about UCLA!
  7. Good luck to all the folks who applied to UCLA. The China field has already made its two nominations to the department, so results should be out soon. Don't quote me 100% on this but I believe this year they're also using the waitlist, since the applicants to the China field are all really strong and we were, in fact, the second most applied to subfield in History.
  8. I would say UCLA might seem like a good fit, if you're planning on carrying on with your MA research. I have friends in Japanese history doing similar work studying minority groups in late Meiji/early Taisho. @potsupotsu
  9. Agree with what @AnUglyBoringNerd said. Your SOP space is very limited. Most schools will give you 1,000 words (which might seem like a lot but you will often find you have a lot to talk about) some others will give you really, really little. UCLA, for example, gave me only two pages, double-spaced to write an SOP. In that kind of a situation, you don't even want to devote a single sentence to explaining your GPA since that means you won't have space for anything else. Glad to see more China studies people! I do premodern Chinese history but I'm under the History department
  10. The US is not China. GPA and scores mean very little (unless your scores are absolutely terrible...) to the admissions committee. They are mainly used to weed out the unqualified applicants, so as long as your scores are over a certain threshold you are fine. There is nothing you can do about your GPA anymore, instead trying to explain why your GPA is low you should instead be pointing out your achievements and your qualifications.
  11. Yeah I got in with a 4.5 AW score too. You'll be fine.
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