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  1. I would say UCLA might seem like a good fit, if you're planning on carrying on with your MA research. I have friends in Japanese history doing similar work studying minority groups in late Meiji/early Taisho. @potsupotsu
  2. Agree with what @AnUglyBoringNerd said. Your SOP space is very limited. Most schools will give you 1,000 words (which might seem like a lot but you will often find you have a lot to talk about) some others will give you really, really little. UCLA, for example, gave me only two pages, double-spaced to write an SOP. In that kind of a situation, you don't even want to devote a single sentence to explaining your GPA since that means you won't have space for anything else. Glad to see more China studies people! I do premodern Chinese history but I'm under the History department
  3. The US is not China. GPA and scores mean very little (unless your scores are absolutely terrible...) to the admissions committee. They are mainly used to weed out the unqualified applicants, so as long as your scores are over a certain threshold you are fine. There is nothing you can do about your GPA anymore, instead trying to explain why your GPA is low you should instead be pointing out your achievements and your qualifications.
  4. Yeah I got in with a 4.5 AW score too. You'll be fine.
  5. I never cold emailed graduate students but I did cold email some former graduate students who got TT jobs. But I'd say go for it as well.
  6. Hey fellow Bruins! The quarter is about to begin and I hope everyone has settled in. For those of us at Weyburn Commons, is anyone interested in meeting up for food/snack/coffee/milk tea before classes start?
  7. lordtiandao

    Los Angeles, CA

    Fair enough. I’ve modified my assertion now. I would recommend people get a car at some point of their stay in LA, but it’s not absolutely necessary. It very much depends on the individual situation.
  8. lordtiandao

    Los Angeles, CA

    It depends on how much one is planning on driving in LA and to where.
  9. lordtiandao

    Los Angeles, CA

    @Stella_*** Try using Meetup to find groups you are interested in. That's probably one of the easier ways to meet new people. You can also try to take or audit classes in other LA-area schools and meet people from there. I'm over at UCLA doing Chinese history so you're always welcome to hang out here.
  10. If you're considering the Chase Freedom/Freedom Unlimited, you might as well get the Chase Sapphire Preferred too. Chase's Ultimate Reward Points are among the best rewards program out there (just Google it) and the CSP and CF/CFU combo will mean you will be getting a lot of points for use in future travel. The points transfer 1:1 to both airlines and hotel chains. You can also apply for both cards at the same time so Chase only does a hard pull on your credit score once. The CSP does have a $95 annual fee, waived the first year, but I think what you get with the card outweighs the annual fee, especially if you foresee yourself traveling a lot. Just something to consider.
  11. So it looks like we're all in Weyburn!
  12. I'm most likely going to accept. Since my contract is only for 10 months, I plan on moving out and finding my own place next summer.
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