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  1. Is the University Fellowship just for the first year and then you are back down to normal funding for RA/TAing? By the way, many professors it seems haven't contacted the applicants who received the fellowship yet. So just because you haven't heard anything doesn't mean you didn't get it, so don't get discouraged. My friend just heard today after contacting the POI, who said he got it and they planned to send out the official letters next week.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they change the Economics forum to the Econometrics forum next week, and change the History forum to the East Asian History forum the week after.
  3. I assume your own insurance is provided for free, and then you have to pay full price for your partner's?
  4. U they did their undergrad in the US but they are international students
  5. Anyone applying this year for EALC? Seems no thread was made yet for this year. Good luck everyone!
  6. Most applicants these days are internationals and you couldn't begin to imagine the number of 'typos' normally seen in SoPs. I don't think the AdCom will even notice and if they do they certainly won't care.
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