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  1. Thank you so much! I'm feeling really anxious, because UBC is my top choice, so I really hope to hear back this month. Were you accepted to the clinical program?
  2. Hey everyone! I have seen someone being accepted for UBC. Does anybody here know if clinical psychology candidates were interviewed on the same day as other psych applicants (feb. 4-5)? I'm applying to the developmental psychology program, but I want to see if there's a chance they'll start sending decisions to everyone soon!
  3. Has anyone heard from the University of British Columbia (UBC) after interviews?
  4. It makes a lot of sense! Thank you so much. This specific supervisor may select more than one applicant to join his lab, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news. He's my first choice among all the programs I've applied to, so it would be really amazing to move forward to recruitment. I'll be sure to keep my A game in every single step, for sure!
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm applying to the University of British Columbia and got two informal interviews with potential supervisors. One of them said he'll be selecting 1 or 2 applicants to move forward to the recruitment weekend. My question is: what happens then? If you're the only student picked by a supervisor, can UBC reject you? Because then the supervisor wouldn't get any new students. If so, how commom is that? Basically, I'd like to know if being selected to the formal interviews is almost the same as being accepted to the program (considering that everything goes well dur
  6. Hello there! I'll be applying for Canadian MA programs in psychology and would like some advice about my real chances of getting in. I can't really tell how competitive my profile can be, specially as an international applicant. I'll apply for cognitive psychology or neuropsychology programs and my current status is as follows: Degrees: Bachelor degree in Psychology from one of the top programs at my country (Brazil) Biotechnology technical certificate Cumulative average from the Bachelor program: 8.7/10 (9/10 if considering only the last two years, as some grad prog
  7. Hello, everyone. I'll be applying for psychology MA programs in Canada to start in the fall term 2021. My application is mostly ready, but I have some concerns related to my LORs. I have 3 years of clinical internship experience and 2 years of research experience as a undergrad RA. Both experiences were under the same professor's supervision. Would it be acceptable for me to get a LOR from the PhD student whose research I assisted? Most programs I'll be applying for ask for 3 LORs, but I don't have any other professors who I've been close enough to ask for recommendations. As I'm also a b
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