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Hello, everyone.

I'll be applying for psychology MA programs in Canada to start in the fall term 2021. My application is mostly ready, but I have some concerns related to my LORs. I have 3 years of clinical internship experience and 2 years of research experience as a undergrad RA. Both experiences were under the same professor's supervision. Would it be acceptable for me to get a LOR from the PhD student whose research I assisted? Most programs I'll be applying for ask for 3 LORs, but I don't have any other professors who I've been close enough to ask for recommendations. As I'm also a biotechnology technician and I have worked on laboratories for years would it be fine to get a recommendation from a professional supervisor? I'm working on a covid-19 analysis center, so perhaps it would be a good addition for my letters.

I really don't know the best approach on this matter and I need to decide it soon, as the letters need to start being written as soon as possible. Any help would be appreciated!

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