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  1. How often would my bike get stolen?
  2. I wonder how many people will feel pressured to choose an acceptance from an unranked program.
  3. Either way the crucible of admissions will be tough as always.
  4. Did anyone receive an acceptance from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne? I took part in their Aspire-Illinois summer program.
  5. I know some people have reported that Ohio State has started to release acceptances. But I am nervously waiting for some of my programs. In the mean time I check my email every two minutes lol.
  6. Oh wow thanks for the heads up.
  7. oh dang it but thank you for the insight. Me and my partner don't own a car we walk or bike everywhere. (we live in the East Bay/SF area)
  8. I also doubt universities will be releasing decisions early.
  9. Getting an MA is the best bet to help bolster your profile.
  10. I have heard great things about the Texas Tech program. I am currently in SFSU's MA program.
  11. Has the visa process changed from the same time last year? I have some international friends who had to return home due to the terms of their visa.
  12. I would say go with your gut choice since you can really determine overall fit of the programs.
  13. I've heard so many different ways to evaluate applicants from this website and many other. But at this point to pin down what is an effective sample would be nothing but hearsay.
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