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  1. Thanks for your opinions. Maybe a good startpoint for WS is to summarize/find out a 'popular argument', which is hard to find when I dive into newest papers without any guide. I would try it. Thanks. It is helpful. So, your opinion is that those standarized tests take the place of transcripts? It makes sense, though a bad news for me.
  2. As the title shows, I am a student majoring in philosophy, but has no experience in studying aboard. Nor did I receive qualified analytic training. Still, I want to apply for MA programs in North America, for I think I should have (relatively strict) guided courses of analytic philosophy, given my lack of those trainings. What's more, I want to assess my ability to do philosophy as a vocation, rather than a job relying more on social connections. Yes, I think most of phDs gratudated from my country are better treated as charlatans, not philosophers. For someone who has no confidence to be exce
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