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  1. One thing to look into at SFU is if you would also have access to people/courses at UBC.
  2. This is super generous, but note the caveat before blasting Alexander with emails: 'particularly those who don't get in anywhere'.
  3. Lots of people didn't have their shit together freshman year (myself included). Showing commitment to continued learning and improvement is a good indicator of your seriousness, so I don't think this is something that will (or should) be held against you. This is also something your letter writers could mention if you point it out to them.
  4. Just chiming in to say that (based on personal experience) this is largely correct. LPS is in the school of social sciences which requires interviews before sending out actual offers. In the past, LPS has treated this 'interview' as essentially a formality and a chance to sell their program (mostly by taking people to the beach 🤣). The philosophy department at UCI is in the school of humanities, so they are going to do things a bit differently. I would not take UCI LPS as indicative of anything regarding other programs.
  5. These are great suggestions. I know most places are done accepting applications, but here are a few additional comments for posterity. UC Irvine LPS has JB Manchak if you're into GR and Jim Weatherall if you're into cosmology or QM. Pitt HPS also has John Norton and Marion Gilton, as well as Mark Wilson and Robert Batterman over in the Phil department. Columbia has Jennan Ismael. Rutgers (Barry Loewer) could be another (very selective) place to look, as well as Princeton (Hans Halvorson), and UCSD (Craig Callendar, Kerry McKenzie, Eddie Kemming-Chen). Less selective places I would ch
  6. Hopefully testing will be more widely available by the time Fall quarter/semester rolls around - in theory that would make some sort of on-campus operations more feasible.
  7. LOL I did finally get rejected this morning. I knew I wouldn't get in (based on what you mentioned), but this was the final school I was waiting to "officially" hear back from.
  8. 😁 Here's a few more unsolicited thoughts. Assuming the best case outcome post-PhD is an academic job, I think (as you said) hiring committees will look differently on a CogSci vs. Phil degree. It's likely that if you go the CogSci route you will be hirable in a CogSci/Psych/CS department, but probably not a philosophy department. But if you had a Phil degree you might be able to teach in a CogSci department and Phil department. When I visited UC Davis a number of Phil faculty there were cross-listed in CogSci (and were instrumental in starting the undergrad program itself). My guess
  9. Fair enough concern, and I'm not really sure about the standards/requirements for reporting placement outcomes. I do know from a reliable source that the LPS department has grown quite a bit in recent years, so perhaps those earlier cohorts were just smaller to begin with. I would maybe read that alumni list as providing an existence proof - it is possible to get a 'decent' non-academic job coming out of the LPS program, so that might assuage part of your original concern about whether LPS was geared only towards training future professors (of course dependent on whether or not those sorts of
  10. check out the recent alumni for LPS, I count several software engineers and lawyers and actuaries - so it seems LPS folk might have an easier time on the non-academic market than those coming from a more traditional philosophy program. https://www.lps.uci.edu/grad/alumni.php It might be worth trying to chat with a few of them, my recent experience is that people are usually willing to talk with prospective students about their time in grad school.
  11. has anyone been rejected from Duke yet?
  12. I emailed Stanford, while they have not yet officially cancelled the prospective visit, they did recommend NOT travelling to Stanford "at this time".
  13. that's a tough call. this might be more appropriate for the 'Decisions 2020' thread, but what factors will you prioritizing for your decision making without being able to consider department visits?
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