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  1. Feel free to PM me or other successful applicants on here.
  2. In the interest of professionalism, I'd probably not recommend asking for application advice from the programs who rejected you.
  3. Hey, a couple things: (i) Congratulations! (ii) I strongly recommend CSULA over UNM. (iii) Try to post in the right forum! This is a forum for Ph.D. decisions! Good luck with the decision!
  4. This is not the place for this and this comment is irrelevant and annoying, and please don't neg me. But there is a paper out there called "Possible Girls," about (I think; I've never read it) how if modal realism is true, then there are actual worlds where lonely people have partners. https://philpapers.org/rec/SINPG
  5. I sympathize with you, and I'm so sorry that you're going through this. It is so easy for anyone to say they "saw it coming" before you did. This is essentially what happens after every football game. I hope you land on your feet somehow. Did you accept their offer to defer until next year at least?
  6. I'd probably say just go for one of the funded MA programs in the U.S., but be thinking about who will write your letters for these applications. If you wait for a long time, you run the risk that your instructors won't remember you.
  7. It's completely reasonable to inquire about your chances at places where you've been waitlisted. In fact, as long as you do so respectfully, it may even help your chances of admission since it conveys interest. Moreover, given the uncertainty that's being caused by COVID-19, I think it is even more understandable for you to solicit information about these things.
  8. Right now, it looks like graduate schools can put freezes on admission from the waitlists. This just happened at UVA. It's awful.
  9. Post here for an MA offer that you either accept or decline.
  10. Post here for offers you either decline or accept.
  11. I hope that the April 15th deadline remains intact. I would also implore prospective students not to ask for an extension beyond the 15th to make a decision. If even one school grants an extension, it has the potential to complicate the entire application season for so many other applicants. Ultimately, I'm incredibly saddened that so many people have been/will be unable to visit campuses this season. Prospective students (and so many others) have forgone much in an effort to mitigate the potential consequences of this virus, but I think that sticking to the April 15th deadline is one (seeming
  12. It's been a while since I've researched MA programs, but I remember CSULA as having a good placement record. That might be a good reason to seriously consider CSULA over UNM. Edit: I looked at UNM's placement. In my opinion, the placement record does not seem very strong there when compared to CSULA. Personally, I would choose CSULA. PM me if you'd like to talk things through any further. I also saw you inquiring about Texas Tech. I went there and had a positive experience, so feel free to PM me about that too.
  13. 😢 I do wish that we could refrain from attacking others here.
  14. If I remember correctly, you do still have to pay tuition during the later years of the program.
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