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  1. Searle's research interest is being a perv.
  2. You should almost certainly wait until the 15th.
  3. Unfortunately, it seems to me that these are both programs designed to bring in large amounts of money to U. Chicago, all while depriving the students of valuable resources. At a place like U. Chicago, it isn't likely that Master's students will receive nearly as much attention as Ph.D. candidates. Moreover, placement from the MAPH into philosophy Ph.D. programs are poor, especially given the putative eminence of the University of Chicago.
  4. Would you please PM me where you accepted if you don't want to post here?
  5. I'd say to produce a writing sample relating to your primary area(s) of interest.
  6. A "top 5" Leiter MA program? I didn't realize there was an ordinal ranking of MA programs.
  7. You two sound like the ultimate "power couple." That's amazing. My Dad was a chief resident (graduated medical school in '87), and he used to assure me that the residents used to work 120+ hours per week. He also told me that he timed himself as only sleeping 20 hours one week. I don't know if this story is apocryphal, but I sincerely doubt that he would exaggerate about this (he also graduated with the highest GPA in medical school). Suffice it to say, I could not write philosophy papers with that little an amount of sleep. That's also incredible that you're licensed in some of the jurisdictions with the most difficult bar exams! My only passage was in Virginia before I "jumped ship" for philosophy. I know this would exemplify the fallacy of relative privation, but I really couldn't imagine complaining about a 60-70 hour work week, given how much residents are required to work, and how much I saw my Dad working when I was growing up.
  8. No, that's either impossible or inefficacious. I mean was she even counting meal prep? But seriously, I've done 90-hour study weeks (with breaks, of course) when I was studying for the bar exam. I even experienced "car sickness" from reading all day. For me, that amount of study would be unsustainable, but for a few months, it was fine (and it was well worth it when I saw my name on the list of people who had passed).
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