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  1. Also waitlisted at Villanova. I have a much better offer so I will be turning it down, but it might be a week or two until I do because per strong recommendation of my professor I am going to wait until I officially accept elsewhere and have things locked in and I want to wait until after the virtual visit to do so. Since I am on the waitlist anyway my spot doesn't matter as much atm, but if I get off of the waitlist beforehand I will make sure to turn them down earlier so that the next person can hear back quicker. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. Sometimes universities have a policy where a department can't send out rejections until all spots have been filled (there are also variations of this). It makes no sense and is cruel, but that is one of the reasons. I know the anxiety is rough. We are all there with you ❤️ Hang in there!
  3. @HomoLudens and everyone else, I know its super hard, but don't get down on yourself and don't give up hope! I can't take my own advice and this is my second season, so I understand the pressure and frustration. I have had many panic episodes and other anxiety induced behaviors this season (and it is still so early), but I was literally in the middle of crying (like in actual tears having just come down from hyperventilating) while having a panic attack about being sure I was getting shut out because of a few rejections and an implied rejection from one top choice and rejected after an intervi
  4. This is pretty typical for MAs. Since a lot of people apply to MAs as a backup while they also apply to PhDs, usually the first accepted people to get the funding are those who are probably also accepted to a PhD and decline the offer. I know the thought of that kind of stings, but I was in that position too. I was really sad about only getting into an MA and being waitlisted for funding, but I did get off the waitlist plus I was offered a graduate award that bumped up the stipend even more. I also wish I had told myself at that time how much of an advantage an MA is when you apply again. My f
  5. It is not a stupid question! Schools are very unclear about these things and they all have their different definitions of things like "rolling," so I think your best bet is to email the DGS and ask! This is a very good and important question, so don't feel bad or stupid for asking about it! I am not sure about the schools you named, but I know that for some MAs they will have a hard deadline for funded admission and then afterwards they have rolling admissions where basically they will review and accept/decline as applications come in, but they are without any funding (which I would highly rec
  6. What happens if it is later discovered that there was a system issue and your application never got reviewed? Many people got rejections on the same day from a school and I never received one, so I went to check the portal. When I looked at my status, it said: "Your application fee has not been received and your application will not be considered for admission until payment is received. You or another individual may pay the application fee by credit card via the Graduate School Payment Portal, or by check/money order using the Application Fee Form." I was granted a fee waiver and I e
  7. I have really loved following and being apart of this thread and you guys have been very great and supportive. I was really heartbroken because I was rejected from Duke Lit after an interview, but the next day (while in tears and being absolutely SURE I was going to be shut out) I got an email I was accepted to Emory's Philosophy program! I know this isn't a philosophy thread (I applied to both Phil and Comp Lit), but I thought I would share to encourage everyone not to count themselves out and keep your head up! (i feel really silly for letting the stress get to me before I had heard back fro
  8. This is what you all look like to me and probably sums up grad application season well. Congrats to everyone!
  9. Congratulations! I wanted to just heart react, but apparently I have used too many reactions today...
  10. I feel this way too! Second-hand happiness from everyone's success
  11. I feel the same/do the same. I have read through a bunch of forums that are years old or in different disciplines and I also go to the results page that just has the most recent entries generally and read the comments. There have been a few where I see a comment and go to that specific program's results page and follow the drama 👀. It has made me really appreciate this thread and how nice and supportive everyone is. A few other disciplines (mostly STEM) seem to have some really nasty and competitive people. But it makes for a good distraction 😁
  12. Hello, So while I am pretty realistic about the idea that if a school sent out interviews and you didn't get one, you are almost certainly out of the running, BUT I always see people advising that "it isn't over until it's over" and I was wondering what makes people say that in this situation. I am guessing that means that there are sometimes (but probably rarely) exceptions to this? I was hoping to hear what people had to say about this. Do you know of schools or instances where people were waitlisted and/or accepted without being interviewed at a program that has interviews? I am not ge
  13. I am also stressing so much too, especially since I know people who have had multiple offers already, but its only the beginning of week 2 of Feb, so it is still really early! This year is so unpredictable and has already been different than other years, so we really can't count ourselves out until its over. Even on normal years there are always acceptances that are unexpected, or later than others, or some other weird circumstance. I know saying all this probably doesn't help that much (I would know, because I am still extremely on edge anyway), but it is something to hold onto when you're re
  14. There are so many reasons this could happen. Departments have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy every year to get funding. One reason could be that they use dept funding for their first pick offers and then could still be waiting to hear about fellowships or other external funding sources that would allow them to accept more people (or vice versa). Sources are limited. There are also a ton of other reasons that things go that way. That's just how it is. It's not a very transparent process and as unfair as it might be, we kind of just have to deal with it. We all "have to wait" in one sense or
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