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  1. One more thing: I don't know how much this means, but one of my professors did (out of the blue) encourage me to pursue the Ph.D. Also, this same professor had an esteemed guest faculty member (phil of religion) who showered much praise on my work for an ethics course, and she took notice.
  2. Thanks for this. The latest claim they made was reduced funds from the recent pandemic. The new year has not started, so I don't know if there are any newly funded students coming in or not; Grad Advisor stated it could be '0' this year. We'll see.
  3. Damn, it seems what you said could be summed up as "stick a fork in it, it's done". I do thank you for taking the time to reply, nevertheless. For the record, I am crazy and would love to do adjunct work! But I hope my GPA won't get in the way of that too. No matter what, I figure I am still breathing, so to speak, so I will submit pieces of my work to important places from top journals (I have one R&R thus far, and it happened to be unrelated to my thesis) to APA conferences. I have received some counsel on my thesis from a philosopher who is a regular APA presenter on the relevant topic.
  4. Is it too late for me in philosophy? Let me unpack this a bit. I began an MA in philosophy with funding (TA-ship) at a different institution we'll call 'Institution 1' or (I-1). In a manner of speaking, I pulled to the emergency lever and ejected from I-1. A couple years later, I reenter the MA elsewhere at institution 2 (I-2), but unfunded. I reentered graduate studies with preexisting mental health issues which were severe enough to get me a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, and that nearly had professionals advise me toward disability. This poor psychological state manifested itse
  5. I am going to be applying to Ph.D. programs during the 2021-2022 season. I am here to gain something of an early start by asking questions to the GC philosophy (et al.) community. I hope that my questions may provide teaching moments to some of you application season vets who may choose to engage. Perhaps give each of you a chance to forget about your own anxieties for a bit, or perhaps even alleviate your unease in the process. Okay so, just as the subject line says: I am in the process of choosing my thesis project. I am to write a proposal and turn it in by the end of the month. I beg
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