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  1. That makes sense. Thanks for the info!
  2. I fully agree with you that people should be wary of UT Austin, but on COL, it's not that I don't believe you (after all, you've lived there and I haven't), but everything that I can find online doesn't corroborate what you're saying. For example, https://www.payscale.com/cost-of-living-calculator/Texas-Austin. Supposedly, the cost of housing is right around the national average. Is there something that I'm missing?
  3. 20K is actually very good in Texas, given the low COL. I would also say that the PhD programs that you're talking about are worth taking over reapplying.
  4. Yeah, supporting something and being responsible for its existence/operation are two very different things
  5. Brian Leiter hasn't ran the PGR in years
  6. That's higher than I thought it was, but you may be right!
  7. MAs were never truly a safety option. The top MA programs have always been quite competitive, though they are no doubt more competitive this year
  8. I actually don't think that Berkeley phil sent rejections in Feb. I think they were either fake, implied rejections, or not from the regular phil program
  9. It aint over till its over
  10. Do you mean that you have two left?
  11. thats what the venting thread is for
  12. Wow, good for you. Good luck!
  13. That's great news. Did you apply to both programs?
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