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  1. Unfortunately no. I haven't heard back from them at all. No acceptance, waitlist, rejection. Kinda confused. Same here. I've emailed Dr. Boehm about the waitlist movement and she just said "3 people have accepted their offers and we are currently waiting on the other 4." I am not entirely sure what this means in terms of my prospects though 😕
  2. Thank you for this! I sent an email to the MA program at UWMilwaukee since it's been 3 weeks since I've heard from them that I was placed on a waitlist. This is my first choice so far so I really hope I can get in but... I wasn't 'high' on the waitlist so seems like my chances are slim 😕
  3. I am in the same position. People solicited and apparently the only response they sent back to the soliciting applicant was "we are still deliberating and we don't know yet sorry" so CUNY is really, really taking their sweet time. I guess I'm not giving you a determined answer but just kinda venting about the same situation I am in 😕
  4. Same here. I am assuming a rejection though, it seems like UC Berkeley has a history of just holding on to their rejections as long as possible and sending them out at the absolute last moment (i.e. April 15th-ish). So I doubt that they'll be sending out anything to the rejected applicants anytime soon. It sucks, I know.
  5. I see. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully I will get bumped up to a higher position on the waitlist then. Good luck to you with SFU and TT!
  6. I know personally at least one person who got accepted to UW-Milwaukee. I think they did send out acceptance offers. Also according to the FB group there were a bunch of people claiming that they are going to decline the offers soon, so I am hoping that that opens up some spots for us.
  7. I think the definition of 2:1 might differ based on institutions so you should double check with the individual institutions you are planning on applying.
  8. This is interesting because even the 'significant' funding in the eyes of a person who did a masters in the UK is actually deemed to be insufficient by many masters applicants in the States. That is, they do not offer full funding and one has to still pay around thousands of dollars to pursue the degree; this means that they do not necessarily have 'advantage' over other programs such as UWisconsin Milwaukee, Northern Illinois University, and Georgia State University, which are the three best masters programs that offer full funding + tuition remission. They also all have excellent placement r
  9. Yes hopefully this works out for both of us! I also applied to NIU but Brandeis/UWM are my top choices for now. Of course I'd be happy to go to NIU if they accept me. Fingers crossed!
  10. I mean why not just use the forum rather than the results page to spam irrelevant stuff there... I don't get it 😕
  11. Waitlisted at UWMilwaukee MA program. This is my only semi-positive response I've gotten this cycle so if anyone accepted is not interested in the program and is planning to decline please do so as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. If that ends up happening I will make sure to do so! Hoping that this works out!
  13. @PHILOKEV @MtnDuck Oh my god that was me. I just realized I put waitlisted at PhD instead of MA 😂😂 I'm so sorry! I don't know how to fix the results page entry. I'm assuming I can't. Well, I guess the entry will remain as my being waitlisted at an imaginary program that does not exist...
  14. @washabirva @PHILOKEV thank you for your replies. It truly is extremely difficult to not take the rejections personally. It feels so personal on so many levels. And as you said, @washabirva, I am starting to doubt my professors' credibility as well. I would be ecstatic to receive some kind of offer in the eleventh hour but I doubt that's gonna happen. I didn't even get any kind of waitlist offers. There is a school that has sent out all offers for acceptance, rejection, and waitlist where I still did not get anything from them. I've heard that this most likely means that I am on their 'hi
  15. At this point I am 99% sure I am shut out. Currently I am waiting on six more schools but they are all assumed rejections (except Harvard and Princeton, but, really, am I going to be magically accepted to them? lol) I don’t know what I did wrong. I wish someone could tell me specifically what I did wrong. In an ideal world that would be possible. But that is a luxury not allowed in this world. All the rejection emails say “we cannot provide you with individual feedback regarding your applications” so they probably don’t want anyone to be asking around for feedbacks. Pretty confusing and,
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