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  1. Wasn't the application deadline Jan 15th? Do you think they'll release decisions that quickly?
  2. Hi! Just posting this here since I haven't seen another thread & folks should be hearing responses around this time (based on past years) -- Has anyone else applied to this program or have any news to share?
  3. Oh wow, people are hearing back already?
  4. I agree with Glasperlenspieler; also, increase in applications =/= increase in competitiveness. A number of these applications are likely to be from people who decided to throw their name in at the last minute due to the ongoing recession. I also believe that CMU does not have an application fee, which may have contributed to the drastic increase in applications. Either way, I'm trying not to dwell on it too much at this point and just focus on the things that I do have control over.
  5. MSt's are definitely less competitive to get into than the BPhil -- if you check out the sidebar on that webpage, you'll see that 23/86 applicants were admitted entry (that's an acceptance rate of about 27%, compared to around 8% for the BPhil, and much less for US graduate programs). Any degree from Oxford is top-notch, so I don't think it would be a bad alternative at all. The issue for internationals is always, always funding -- Oxford's graduate programs can be quite expensive unless you're independently wealthy or have managed to secure some sort of funding. Hope this helps!
  6. Damn. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw this across the board for most (if not all) disciplines this year. Wishing you all sincerely the best of luck.
  7. Not particularly philosophy-related but posting this here anyway since I'm wrapping up my applications for graduate programs in philosophy within the next few weeks, but damn. This process really is such a crapshoot. It seems like everyone has a 4.0 GPA, stellar letters of recommendation from well-known professors in their fields, flawless writing samples, etc etc., and I feel like my application is decent but nothing exceptional. I have genuinely no idea what's going to happen come February-April. It's going to be terribly embarrassing if I get shut out this cycle and have to explain to frien
  8. Hi! I am currently an Americorps volunteer applying for graduate programs. Most programs offer fee waivers on their applications for folks who have participated in Peace Corps or Americorps (which can save you $1000+ when you're applying to upwards of 10 programs). I would also see if you're eligible for the Segal Education Award, which is a post-service benefit available for Americorps that can be used towards educational expenses (up to $6.5k I believe). Not sure how helpful this is, but hopefully it's a start!
  9. Hey! I'm also applying to programs this cycle and totally feel your pain. To my knowledge, departments are still in the process of meeting to discuss future funding for graduate students this month, so we'll know more in the upcoming weeks. For now, I would only suggest being patient and continuing to work on your applications. If it helps, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that these programs (UChicago, Rice, etc.) will remain outliers -- I have heard on good authority that many top programs will continue to accept applications this year albeit it is highly likely they will be accepting sma
  10. Hey! This might also be useful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13LIpf9vUTi6rDvQ1IDrS7EGKkdO5NxdZh5GPdVOt4M4/edit#gid=0
  11. Just saw the news -- don't know if I'll be able to consider their MA since it's not really funded, but thanks!
  12. Hi! I realize I've been posting here quite often lately, but I saw the call for applications to CUSP's Fall Workshop and wanted to see if it's worth it to apply? E.g. does anyone here have firsthand experience with CUSP/CUSP's workshop, is it worthwhile and useful, and would participating in this program boost my chances of getting into Penn State's graduate program at all? Thanks a mil!
  13. Has anyone confirmed that Columbia philosophy will be accepting applications for this upcoming year? The departments of political science, history, and sociology at Columbia have all recently announced their decisions to suspend admissions for this upcoming year, and I'm not feeling great about philosophy especially after the department at UChicago suspended its admissions. It would be a bummer for sure since Columbia is one of my top choices. Thanks!
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