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  1. I don't have experience with either programs, but just going to throw out that it might be worthwhile to reach out to the respective DGS at those programs and talk over your options! I did this with a few programs I was admitted/waitlisted at, and the DGS were typically very helpful and objective in offering their advice. You could reach out to some current grad students as well (if you haven't already). Sounds like both are great options either way 🙂
  2. Wishing luck to everyone making decisions and/or waiting to hear back from waitlists this week -- it's almost over! 🙂
  3. Hey! I applied to Brandeis and got in but declined almost right away primarily because I was accepted into a handful of PhD programs and had applied to Brandeis as a back-up, but also because the financial aid that was offered to me was simply not enough for me to justify the costs of attending a graduate program in philosophy for two years (even if I didn't get into any PhD programs this cycle). Judging from the responses I've seen in the applicants fb group, I suspect either of these (or both) is largely the case for those who were accepted and then had to decline.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I wonder why these application systems ask for our SSNs at all as it seems pretty unnecessary and poses a clear risk to applicants in the event of a security breach like this one 😕 Even if it is necessary for some reason, why not just wait until after the applicant has been accepted?
  5. Hey @Larry David I totally get the frustration! I'm also on a number of waitlists at schools that I'm have yet hear back from, so I'm right there with you. My understanding is that most movement on the waitlist occurs in the weeks between Princeton/NYU's visiting days (i.e., later this week) and April 15th, so just continue to hang tight for now. You should start seeing movement in approx. 1-1.5 weeks. Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. Has anyone here not yet heard back from CUNY? Anyone know what's up with that? There's been some discussion about it in the FB group but no clear consensus which is why I'm posting here!
  7. Major congrats to the Stanford acceptance on the survey results page!
  8. @A_bad_philosopher Yeah I wonder! I really don't know -- I think it is too early to tell for sure at this point. Afaik, many have been speculating that the number of applicants potentially being shut out this year could lead to a bottleneck of applicants in future cycles, but I am also hoping that many of the departments who closed admissions this cycle (e.g. Chicago and Columbia) will open again next cycle, thereby reducing the potential bottleneck of applicants. So there is hope! Again, I think it is still too early to know anything for certain yet.
  9. @A_bad_philosopher Sorry bro 😕 This is just a crappy year all-around to be applying. Hang in there!
  10. I agree with you on this -- MA programs are likely to be more competitive than usual this year (all the more reason to re-apply next cycle if you get shut out). Miami U's MA program is interviewing people this year for the first time, for instance, due to a surge in applications to its program.
  11. @Outer Heaven I am very sorry to hear this. If you are still committed to post-graduate study in philosophy, do you think it might be worthwhile to contact some of these programs you've heard back from to ask for feedback on your application? Also, know that there are many things you can do with a philosophy MA -- teaching, consultation work, business management, etc. Someone also posted this in the FB group which might be a useful place to start: https://letsphi.com/ Sending good vibes your way. Please take care of yourself! Log off of TGC and email for a while if you are able to d
  12. Georgetown seems to be staggering their rejections unfortunately
  13. @musicdegree4me Hey major congrats! Were you offered any sources of funding or are you a UK national?
  14. Waitlisted Notre Dame PhD (applied specifically to their joint PhD/MA in Phil & Classics)
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