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  1. Can second that I've heard good things about the Kyoto School at BC! When I visited Fordham, they mentioned that one of their new hires for the year was also interested in the Kyoto School. (Here's hoping the hire went through, given the circumstances!)
  2. Meta answer: I've seen a couple of posts asking for people to look over a writing sample, but in general I think most peer-to-peer writing sample feedback comes from private swaps. If you see someone in your AOI in the forums here who's been active recently, I doubt most of us would be offended to receive a polite DM asking if we'd be interested in swapping. I probably wouldn't publicly post mine or distribute it widely to anons during an app cycle when I was applying, not because I think GradCafe is teeming with plagiarists or anything, but...well, I'd be totally screwed if it got plagiarized
  3. Accepted: Boston University! ^^ Declined: Duquesne, Stony Brook, Boston College, Fordham And took myself off the waitlist at Villanova. Excited to hear about where everyone ends up!
  4. Different schools have different policies, but I think pretty much all of the ones I applied to have a clause in their grad student handbook prohibiting holding a job outside of the university. Those were American schools, so Canadian schools may not care. I would say to check the handbooks first to see what school policies on the matter look like. If there's nothing explicitly prohibiting an external job, then ask the department if they'd permit it (mentioning that you don't want to go for a PhD and you don't otherwise need teaching experience). Good luck!
  5. Heads up: one of the grad students at Boston College has said that while there's no administrative confirmation yet, it seems likely that they're going to cancel or postpone visits.
  6. I know some places are planning on doing remote visits, whatever that means. If they're offering, I'll probably take them up on it. I'm also in the situation where a department's already paid my airfare, made plans for where I'm staying, etc. so I'm going to reach out to them tomorrow morning and ask what they're thinking as far as visits go. Luckily, that visit's in a city with no reported cases so far, but I do worry about the airports + public transit involved with getting there and back...
  7. Thanks so much!! I'm catching a 5:30am flight tomorrow to join y'all for the day. Here's hoping our paths cross!~
  8. Honestly, I think the information I'd most need to wager whether or not you'll get into a program this year would be to know some of the other places you're still waiting to hear from. A person with stellar GRE scores, letters of rec, experience in publishing/languages, SoP, and writing sample still can't bank on NYU or Columbia—the pools are so cut-throat, I'd imagine it comes down to which faculty are making bids on students in their areas of specialization, etc. If you applied to just the top 10 PGR schools, for example, I'd chance you low because I'd chance anybody low if they did that. If
  9. I'm the one who posted about the call from Duquesne! Prof. Rodemeyer left a message about scheduling a longer discussion about questions regarding the program etc., so the calls might be taking a while if people are picking up and having those discussions right at that moment.
  10. Hi Mischief! To be clear, I'm talking about Boston College and not the University of British Columbia. Sorry for the mix-up, and I hope someone on here will be able to speak more to the UBC process! Best of luck, boss.
  11. @UndergradDad Thanks a bunch for the update. Ain't that just the way
  12. Hey folks! Just a quick question. If you receive an email from a faculty member with an offer of admission + an offer to answer any questions you have etc., and you're planning on waiting for a few other admission/rejection decisions to come in before you accept, would it be polite to respond with a thank you + reiterating your interest, or is that unnecessary/would it be better to wait to respond until you have specific questions? I'm just not sure how communicative faculties would prefer we be during this process. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  13. I know someone into phil of lang who just got admitted this past week, but she's also into Kant and epistemology; no idea what angle she took in her SoP or what her writing sample was on, so I have no idea which sub-discipline would have been reviewing her. Good luck!
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