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  1. Yikes, likely bad news for my Oxford applications. I haven't seen anyone claim acceptances to the MSt in Practical Ethics yet... do you think they've sent all acceptances for that out already?
  2. @HomoLudensGood points, it does seem unlikely that they'd want to review new materials from waitlisted applicants. Thanks!
  3. @AnotherLattePleaseI'm also very excited about this MSt program, although I am concerned about funding given what I've heard about the difficulty of attaining funding for Oxford graduate programs, but we'll see what happens. Best of luck with your applications as well!
  4. In addition to reaffirming one's interest in attending a program at which they've been waitlisted, would it ever be appropriate/advisable to send the relevant department an improved draft of their writing sample (or, if not the entire paper, then significantly improved sections of the paper?) Of course, it's best to avoid this situation by making one's submitted writing sample as strong and polished as possible before application deadlines or admissions decisions. In my case, my current draft is substantially stronger than the one I included in my application, and is much more reflective
  5. I applied to Oxford's MSt in Practical Ethics and it says the same thing.
  6. Out of curiosity, which programs (or faculty) are best for the philosophy of machine learning?
  7. Looking for advice on this. My undergraduate degree isn't in Philosophy, so I'm applying to MA programs to transition into academic philosophy. In undergrad, I took an upper-division Philosophy course in my general area of interest as PASS/FAIL (this was a couple years ago, so it was for reasons unrelated to COVID). Should I address why I took the P/F option somewhere in my application?
  8. Here's the main page for the course. I'm particularly curious if this is a viable alternative to getting an MA for those interested in going onto a philosophy PhD and academia (and who have primary interests in applied ethical topics). So by "competitive", I mean for PhD admissions prospects after completing the course. But I'm also curious if anyone has information about the relative competitiveness of admissions to the MSt program.
  9. @cockroach Late reply, but here's a writing guide for academic philosophy that many have found useful. To your main question, I can't myself give authoritative advice, but it seems wise to me to carefully (but perhaps briefly) specify wherever you diverge from the author you're citing. If it's important that you cite philosopher B's argument for Y (where Y is the conclusion you share), you can say something like "While philosopher B also reaches Y, they do so for reason Z, which are distinct from reason X that I offer. I do not endorse/discuss reason Z here". On the other hand, if th
  10. @PolPhil Thank you! I hadn't considered Canadian universities but am looking into them now. SFU in particular looks to have a great placement record. Do you think UofToronto's MA program is worth applying to for international students given that domestic applicants are given high priority? Also, do you know much about the University of British Columbia's MA program? I couldn't find their placement data for MA graduates, only for PhD graduates.
  11. Obviously "top" or "best" are somewhat subjective and unfairly dissolve many important factors that should be considered when applying to schools and deciding where to go. But like many MA applicants, my primary aspiration is to attend a university with a strong placement record for PhD programs, particularly in recent years. So by "best", I suppose I'm asking mostly about schools with the most promising placement records, given that this seems to be one of the more consequential factors for MA students interested in going on to a PhD in Philosophy and who are deciding which terminal MA progra
  12. @Glasperlenspieler This is super useful advice, thank you! I hadn't considered explicitly motivating these positions in relation to my argument, apart from merely describing where they lead, but your advice made me notice that they did seem rather random/arbitrary as written.
  13. I have a question about the writing sample, but considered that it need not merit an entire thread. So I thought I'd make a thread for anyone to ask whatever questions they might have about the writing sample, in case others are able to answer (if this already exists and I simply didn't see it, feel free to point me there). My question is: I'm writing an applied ethics paper, but one that also discusses a bit of normative ethics and metaethics. The paper is unfinished but already too long, and I'm wondering how appropriate it is to simply state certain metaethical and normative assumption
  14. Also, what would "early" mean for MA admissions? Tufts just opened up their application for 2021, with a deadline of January 15th. Is it wise to submit as early as possible?
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