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  1. Do you guys think using a universal pass/fail option on all of my courses this semester would negatively impact my grad school applications? To give you some context, I am a junior and an international student studying at an American liberal arts school and I came back to my home country after my university decided to shut down all in-person classes. Now, the internet where I live is really poor and this is causing me problems in attending online classes and maintaining the level of academic work I'd normally strive for. I figure that using a pass fail would be better for two reasons: 1) My cu
  2. So, first of all, I realize this must be a very busy time for most of you; to that end, I apologize for bothering you all. I am going to be applying next cycle but had a question about the GPA requirements. So, I go a top 25 liberal arts school. I anticipate that by the time I submit my application next time, I would have a cumulative GPA of 3.8+ and philosophy GPA of somewhere between 3.85-3.90. I've never had a grade lower than A- on my transcript except one C in an Econ class freshmen year (which totally tanked my cumulative). I've also been taking (somewhat thoughtlessly) upper-division se
  3. Same for me - I'd be happy to trade samples with all of you and give feedback. Mine's on virtue ethics. (Disclaimer: I am applying next cycle, not this one, but I guess it doesn't hurt to start ahead)
  4. Did you end up getting funding?
  5. And again, I might have the opportunity to take some courses for credit - Greek 102 and Intermediate Greek (perhaps). The class I'm currently auditing - Greek 101 - will not appear on my transcript as it is too late for me to register officially for it at this point in the semester. But is it really that important to have taken those classes for credit in the first place? Would taking additional advanced philosophy electives in their place not be more helpful?
  6. @Marcus_Aurelius thanks for the reply! Would you mind elaborating why undocumented language skills would not suffice? If I have my language tutor write me a recommendation confirming that I am proficient in Greek, why does it matter whether or not I have actually taken the courses for credit? I'm just trying to get some sense of why having it on my transcript would make that big a difference. Thanks again!
  7. I am a junior and a philosophy major at a liberal arts college, planning on applying to grad schools starting next fall. I am particularly looking at some of the master's programs abroad that have strengths in ancient philosophy (LMU, Oxford, Edinburgh, etc.). I reached out to some of these schools about their programs and they said that prior knowledge of Greek would be an asset in the application process. In light of this, I have started to audit courses in Greek at my current institution and by the time I apply, I would have reached intermediate proficiency. These courses, however, will be
  8. Hey everyone, I'm a junior at a top 25 liberal arts school. I'm really interested in going to grad school in philosophy and am planning to write my honors thesis on the nature of virtue in Aristotle. I wanted some guidance on future course options that would best suit my career plans. As of now, I have taken 14 classes in philosophy (mostly in moral philosophy and ethics, Kant, science, and logic). In grad school I hope to expand my study of ethics and potentially explore new areas within moral philosophy (moral psychology, meta-ethics, etc.). Now, I have the option of taking an upper-level se
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