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  1. CEU is fine. If it's your only option and the money situation is good for you, go.
  2. This was an excellent explication, 10/10.
  3. Do an MA but taking another 'long shot' at 34 in something like academic philosophy of all things is risky to say the least. What exactly do you want out of becoming a graduate student in philosophy? Not sure "access, networking, conferences" are clear/good enough reasons. Your money and time, I won't care what you do - just giving things to think about.
  4. Tufts is your clear best choice, by far.
  5. This is why I have trust issues with you
  6. only 10 hours of productive reading a week? what? If that works for you then great but that's not and should not be the norm. also I'm not sure what the last two bits are about at all - I'll try working less than 70 hours a week and see if I feel closer to writing the next Tractatus? Philosophy is hard work, whether you're Kant or an assistant professor, and the image of some manic, genius mind sketching up groundbreaking work is poor fantasy (this is probably even more true now in contemporary, professionalized philosophy - which everyone here wants to do - than ever).
  7. I'm doing an MA so a full-time job isn't relevant, if by part-time you mean something like TA duties, I suppose I'll have to cut down on my reading hours when I start TAing, but probably not by too much.
  8. ditto @brookspn also I just have certain goals I want to achieve that I can't achieve by putting in 30 hrs per week, just not possible - I also think there's people out there doing 70 hours doing stuff much harder than reading some stuff and writing some stuff, so I say work as much as you can handle and as for how much time is REQUIRED to be 'good' at philosophy depends on you and 'good', but as said, that's not really what's under discussion here.
  9. haha 6, if I get more than that I feel tired
  10. Pretty important depending on the prestige of the program to which you're applying, all else equal (i.e. the famous person doesn't write a bad letter).
  11. 70-80 hour 'workweek' 6 hrs. in seminar / ~60 hrs. reading / ~14 hours writing Writing hours can fluctuate depending on time of term.
  12. Read Phronesis or Ancient Philosophy or Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie or British Journal for Hist of Phil
  13. Agree with @Marcus_Aurelius here. But also, it just sounds like you have very little idea what exactly you should be doing; the distinction between historical/philosophical, for example - you really need a better idea of what ancient philosophy done today entails. Read some journal articles. You've said that you're far removed from your studies, so no blame there, but you NEED to talk to an ancient philosopher about this, even if it might be embarrassing to cold e-mail them. Me and Marcus' (amateurish) thoughts probably won't carry as much weight as talking to an actual professional, but I'm w
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