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  1. That sounds fascinating. My amateur sense is that, despite rhetorical flourish, Deleuze has some fairly straightforward and interesting theses about logical priority.
  2. @Ikari Gendo Oh, you underestimate the morbid imagination of analytics (yes, I know, #NotAllAnalytics, etc., etc.). For example: "Are the Magi Really That Wise? Rethinking the Superintelligent Leviathan" "Who Counts as Human? On Evas and Dummy Plugs" "Shinji's Final Vision: Possible World or Wishful Thinking?" "Asuka's Epistemic Arrogance: Virtue or Vice?" Or, to salute @711fanatic's intuition: Is Rei Really Rei? Gappy Existence and Kripkean Names Examples could be multiplied ad nauseam/infinitum. (Yes, I'm being overly salty because it's fun.) As for
  3. Cool! I'm working on medieval/phil religion at Fordham, but I like conty phil sometimes, so I was just curious. One of my undergrad colleagues does ancient at Michigan, so you'll probably meet him in the fall. Congrats again!
  4. Here's my story, if it helps, from Spring 2018. Brandeis: Notification of waitlist from Kate Moran on March 28. Acceptance on April 9, with $10k possible extra need-based funding, plus TAship, plus $10k extra because they were "especially impressed" with my application. (I have no idea what that means; it could just be standard.) Western Michigan: Notification of acceptance from Dan Dolson on March 7, but waitlisted for funding. Pinged Dolson on April 13 and gave him the offers I was considering. Got a funded offer on April 14. UW—Milwaukee: Notification of waitlist from Waylon
  5. @hamnet in tights @Ikari Gendo Anybody wanna help me pitch Evangelion and Philosophy to Blackwell?... (only 3/4 kidding...)
  6. @platonetsocrate, can I ask what your AOS is? It looks like you applied to a standard Continental slate, but then there's Michigan! (Congrats on that, of course!)
  7. Hi Karl, I'm a second-year at Fordham. We have people who work in standard continental figures like Hegel, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Foucault, and Derrida, as well as some thinkers outside the mainstream. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  8. I have a friend who transferred to Notre Dame from a program roughly similar to yours. Just so you know it can happen.
  9. Steven Crowell argues that phenomenology should be understood as essentially neither analytic nor continental. If we take phenomenology to be "a systematic study of consciousness that can trace its geneology to Husserl," we can point to an American analytic strand of people, begun by Harvard students in the 60s (Hubert Dreyfus, Dagfinn Føllesdal) who saw Husserl as having more in common, as Crowell says, with Quine and the early Wittgenstein than Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty. The shorter answer is that Searle uses the word "intentionality."
  10. Hey @CatholicHobbit! For what it's worth, I would not rely too heavily on first impressions. I say this because it's easier to misjudge social fit in the short term, and it's easier to adapt academic fit in the long term. Here's what I mean. Of course there are exceptions to my point about academic fit; if there are no professors doing anything like what you're interested in, it's an easy nope, but I assume you've screened off those schools already. Another safe assumption: as grad students, our research interests will change over time. That change might be (1) stable, deeper specializati
  11. I just mean that this is the philosophy page! I'm sure that our programs have some similarities, but you might have better luck in the psychology forum. The menu of GradCafe disciplines can be found here.
  12. Hey @carolinaji, as fascinating as forensic and legal psychology sounds, I think you are in the wrong forum... Also, a 90-person cohort? That sounds insane!
  13. I agree, and any worry you should have about GPA can be mitigated if your major GPA is higher.
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