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  1. I don't think so. They've already done acceptances and waitlists though.
  2. U Miami FL has cancelled their visit.
  3. Did you solicit the JHU rejection?
  4. Anyone else been hopefully answering every spam call?
  5. Has anyone received official funding information from Marquette yet?
  6. I don't know if it's the one on the results page but a friend of mine has been accepted there.
  7. I'll add that last year I applied to both analytic and continental departments from a very analytic phil MA program. I used a continental paper, and I got shut out (my paper topic may have been the mistake, I'm not sure). But, this being said, I had much more interest from analytic programs than continental ones. I think coming from an analytic department makes it quite difficult to get into continental departments. To me, it seemed like my application was a non-starter for all of the continental departments I applied to, while at least in the analytic departments I got waitlisted. Good luck,
  8. I'll add to this that some schools will release a round of rejections first before doing any acceptances, though I think this is a bit rarer than what's already been described. (For instance, Brown did a first round cut pretty early on last year, from what I can remember).
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