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  1. Hiya, I applied mostly to MA programs and am wondering when decisions for these tend to come out. A few of them have Feb 1 deadlines (but I have already submitted apps for these), but UBC's deadline was Jan 8 and Indiana University's deadline was Jan 15. I know decision timelines vary a lot, but I have been seeing PhD programs with similar deadlines releasing their decisions, so I thought I'd ask
  2. omg, I hate that it makes you take that extra step, YIKES
  3. I agree, but I think there is a difference between willfully dismissing the context of our times and just getting fed up with structural/administrative necessities that, post hoc, become presuppositions within the community. Sometimes, ya just wanna go "Really?" at the way that some people interact with philosophy That's really interesting, I wish they had told you why! imo the analytic/continental distinction maps on pretty well to William James' tough-minded/tender-minded distinction, so I wonder if continental departments are wary of admitting students who seem too "tough-min
  4. Amen to that, sister! 😍 Also, love the use of the word mechanistic--you're speakin my language
  5. Hot take: the analytic/continental synthesis is neigh, and I will hedge my bets and my wagon on that diamond-in-the-rough, but thanks for the insight. Just wondering what others' experiences have been with making this sort of shift.
  6. Anyone have experience with this? The department that I am finishing my undergrad at has a predominantly analytic phil of sci focus, and I have heard of people going from continental departments to analytic ones, but not the opposite. I'm hoping to pursue HPS in grad school but things like Husserl's "The Crisis of European Sciences" tend to pique my interest more than like, idk, analytic discourse about scientific models, so I have applied to a few schools that tend towards the continental. I also have a friend who is applying to schools that are as continental as ours is analytic, and I
  7. Ohh I see--as a passive seeker of information, I was hoping that the spreadsheet was some sort of monolithic external authority...but I might be compelled to fill in some of those slots anyways. Thanks for clarifying! edit: also, I love your signature! always good to see my manz Aristotle on the internet
  8. Hi all, just discovered these forums. I'm wondering if predictions for MA acceptance will be posted on the spreadsheet, or if they are just super variable from year to year? Also, I noticed that Catholic University is not on the list?
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