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    Hello! I am trying to gain some insight on the University of Chicago's MAPH program and what are the general feelings around it besides the cost of the program. Since it seems likely that there will be no visiting weekend given the current state of the COVID-19 panic I am looking to gain some insight from past/present students and how their experience with the program has been. My general questions are: How was the instruction? Did professors generally offer useful feedback on work? Where there any opportunities or is it even encouraged to publicly present work? How does the program prepare students for PhD study?
  2. Hello! Could anyone claim the acceptance from Emory?
  3. The spreadsheet is down it seems but I really appreciate the reference to University of Missouri-St. Louis! It seems like an excellent program. I will look into this! I have heard rather mixed things but if they are taking applications I will send one off probably. I am still holding out for my top choice (Emory) and think I have a very good chance at acceptance given my background in foreign languages. (Since this a venting thread I just want to say again that I really want to go to Emory and ugh. It does not have a great placement history but I think the program is so well fit to my research interests and what I want to do in philosophy.) Though, I cannot stake this whole thing on an intuition no matter how founded it is.
  4. As I am now 3 rejections deep (out of 9) I am big stressed. Anyways. Are there any Master's programs that are still accepting applications? I have to do something and the idea of sending out more application seems like a good idea.
  5. My writing sample got ripped apart two weeks before my first apps where due. I ended calling out of work for two days and not sleeping just to get something submittable. The second wave of applications due I had a much more presentable paper. My anxiety is mostly around this paper. My topic is original and as far as anyone can tell no one has seriously engaged with this in the literature. My argument is strong but I'm more worried about the mechanics of writing. So at this point I am just riding on the hope that my originality outweighs any silly issue in my writing. I was rejected from all programs I applied to last year and I'm glad I was because I found so many wonderful programs in the meantime. I am a much stronger applicant then I was last cycle but I have so much anxiety around getting a single acceptance. Anyways! All of my applications are in and all I can do is wait and hope for the best. I have essentially just been living by this quote from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein: "I am resigned to the fate awaiting me. Learn from me, dear lady, to submit in patience to the will of heaven!"
  6. If your overall GPA is low but your major GPA is high because of working 30-40 hours a week address that in your statement of purpose, if you think it'll negativity impact you. Stress that you have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 4.0 major GPA even as you work full time. Also given you come from a program that seems to have some prestige it should all balance out. Of course, some programs may look down on you but I think a few adcoms will overlook it given that you can produce a phenomenal writing sample with glowing letters of recommendation. Out of curiosity, what will your GPA be like at the end of next semester? It may be advisable that you hold off till those grades are posted if(f) your GPA will be higher than a 3.0 (eg. 3.2). In any case, best of luck to you! Apply to a few PhD programs and just hope for the best. Contrary to what some people seem to think the application process rarely falls on one weakness. The adcoms I've spoken to admire grit and determination more than arbitrary number values.
  7. Per the glory that is the Facebook group, the admissions committee is hoping to release decisions by the end of this week.
  8. oh god. i am optimistic (because it's my last school and i have zero acceptances out of three schools, so blind optimism really). thanks for the update!
  9. seuil-limite


    Ok so has anyone heard anything from Stanford because it's my last school and I'm super nervous because in the haze that was new years I only sent out three apps and I'm now hating myself. Anyways! Thanks in advance!!!
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