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  1. Happy to answer questions about Brandeis via DM!
  2. So I had the same "Incomplete" status a few weeks ago on the "MyPitt Portal" and I actually called Pitt (got routed through IT, then admissions, then Phil admissions) about it and it turns out that that is nothing to worry about. If you go back to the ApplyWeb application where you actually submitted your documents and click on "check application" it will say that your application is complete, and that's the one that matters. They basically said, don't worry about the MyPitt portal. I got worried about it too, but apparently it doesn't matter.
  3. Dysexlia


    Waitlists and acceptances are out!
  4. In limbo at McGill. Though, I was under the impression that they hadn't done rejections yet. Did I miss that?
  5. Congrats! Was this a fellowship offer or a regular acceptance? Did they happen to indicate whether they were done sending out offers?
  6. Did you solicit or did they email you?
  7. I also thought it was really funny.
  8. What in the world is going on in the results search today? Someone is asking for a wife, someone else sent a "box of minerals" (?) to Berkeley, someone else got the worlds harshest rejection from Yale...??? These are just the highlights...
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