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  1. I just declined my spot at Georgetown, and removed myself from all of the waitlists that I'm on: UO, Emory, and Northwestern. AOI: philosophy of race, critical theory, 20th c. continental, political philosophy
  2. It is a full fellowship offer-funding package, and I am not certain that they admit people without at least some funding. I am not sure whether or not they are done, I assume so though because they had their admissions meeting. If all results aren't out, I would say to expect results soon.
  3. Accepted into McGill University!!!
  4. From what I have heard, my guess is that within the next 2-3 business days that we will find out!
  5. Duquesne's MA seems to have pretty good prospects for funding.
  6. I was a "finalist" for Penn State's program, but I declined the offer to interview because I had been admitted to Vanderbilt which is a better fit for my AOI. I hope that ended up helping somebody but somewhat doubt it did.
  7. Returning to this question after getting a rejection email from Duquesne's program director with him saying that there are only 4 slots for new PhD students—there is probably no such thing as a safety school. Over 100 applicants (my guess) for only 4 slots is almost unthinkable. I knew it was competitive going in but experiencing it firsthand is another beast
  8. Rejected here too! With MA consideration as well.
  9. I am pretty sure that akraticfanatic never said that they know that Irvine WILL prioritize "gender diversity" but rather that it SOUNDED like it.
  10. Is there a prominent writer on the faculty as School A that many people want to work under?
  11. I would say it's worth a shot still, especially at places at which you would fit very well. If you have strong LOR and no glaring faults in a bad SOP or a bad writing sample, that is. what do you mean by "worth going to"
  12. This was true for me, one of my letter writers told me that he customized each letter depending on the predominant AOI of whatever faculty his letter was for.
  13. I think that there are often times in a person's list, schools that are more preferable and less preferable, but that specialize in the same field/area. So those less preferable ones could be considered "safety" schools in the sense that if rejected from choice 1, choice 2 carries a higher chance of being accepted due to lower rank, less faculty diversity, etc. etc.
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