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  1. This is encouraging news--thanks so much! My grades, then--which are not low but neither are they impressive for a PhD applicant--shouldn't deter me from applying to some elite programs? UCSC looks great for my interests, and I'd actually been doing some research on their Politics Department recently. I'll check out the other places you mentioned (I'd written off Brown, UCLA and Berkeley on account of my relatively mediocre grades). This program looks super interesting, thanks for recommending it!
  2. Hey all, I'm a would-be transplant from philosophy to political science (looking to do theory and IR). I'm starting to get a list of schools together for next cycle and was hoping some of you kind souls could point me in the right direction--not merely for my interests (which I will mention below), but also in light of my undergrad performance. I'll try to keep this brief. CGPA: 3.71 PHIL GPA: 3.84 GRE: not yet applicable (haven't taken it) Awards: highest grade on junior and senior theses (both topics in political theory); departmental award; departmental scholarship;
  3. Has anyone who applied only to UofT's MA heard back from them?
  4. Where did you do your MA, if you don't mind me asking? And was it funded?
  5. What thinkers are you referring to when you say "the Post-Modernists"?
  6. This is a lovely response, and now it seems that I am the mistaken one. My philosophy department was filled with (analytic) social and political theorists, but perhaps that was a provincial view of the discipline. On another note, I'm also thinking about transitioning to political science for graduate study--would you mind if a PM'd you?
  7. Could you back up your claim? Better not to spread misinformation, and this seems to be badly mistaken. (I graduated with a BA in philosophy and my main AOI is political phil.)
  8. Thanks for the candid response, JGradSchool! I figured my chances at Oxford are slim, but it's reassuring to hear that it's at least worth applying to the program. Do you have any insight into whether Oxford considers overall GPA at the expense of one's academic trajectory over their four years? I had a lousy freshman year, and if those grades didn't count I would have a ~3.91GPA. To be sure, I don't expect that my freshman grades will be discounted. But I would hope that admissions folks might look kindly upon the fact that I've done quite well in my last three years of undergrad. My greatest
  9. Hi all, I'd appreciate some insight into my chances for Oxford's MPhil in Politics (Political Theory) and LSE's MSc in Political Theory. Undergrad Institution: a top 65 liberal arts school according to US News (i.e., a middle of the road school)Major(s): PhilosophyMinor(s): N/AGPA in Major: 3.84Overall GPA: 3.71Position in Class: Near the top, I'm assuming--but no data availableType of Student: Domestic non-under represented minority, male Research Experience: - An 18,000 word senior thesis - A 10,000 word junior thesis - Conducted research with a non-prof
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