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  1. Quick reminder that there are many people in your situation - myself included (0/5). This forum can skew perception in a lot of ways, but if Cornell had 325 applicants (per the rejection letter) there are >300 people on the sideline at that school. Sometimes it just goes that way, friend, and whatever happens, happens. Best of luck figuring out a way forward
  2. Do you have any chance of doing visits? It would almost certainly give you a better sense of where you'd want to live. In any event whichever one you choose will be great - they're both great schools.
  3. Can also anecdotally confirm @DefeatistElitist's post. Montreal is the most affordable city (also a wonderful city to spend a few years in too, FWIW). I have friends paying $800-900 Canadian for a 1 1/2 bedroom that's fairly central. It's also worth looking at how much you'll pay in taxes if you're an international student - I know Canadians studying in the US get dinged, so that may or may not be a factor for you as well.
  4. (1) Eat well beforehand. When they throw you into the funding Hunger Games, you won't have to start by scrounging for food like the rest of the tributes; (2) Prepare basic survival skills, ideally learning how to craft a weapon from a copy of A Theory of Justice and transcript photocopies; (3) Cozy up with administrators - they are most likely to parachute you live-saving tools during the fight; (4) Never ask about what happened to last year's incoming class. Good luck.
  5. I'd give you a heart but I'm out of reactions for the day!! That's so exciting! Congrats!!
  6. Thanks for the reply! That makes perfect sense.
  7. Ok so I have a question that I'm sure has come up before, in the context of the "uk grad" additions to results. I have a Canadian undergrad and a Canadian MA on the way - I know that that put me at an immediate disadvantage for my R1 applications. Are there any uk grads here who want to explain why they qualify all the results, and anyone at all who could explain the relationship between UK universities and prospects in the US? I'm familiar enough with the Canadian context, but I'm out to sea on this one.
  8. In the unlikely event that anyone who is on this thread is also not checking their inbox obsessively, Columbia rejections are on their way out right now.
  9. Hey all - quick reminder that if your cycle is ending you should head over to the Profiles, Results, Advice 2019 thread and leave some nuggets of wisdom for the years of anxiety-riddled students who follow!
  10. Claiming a Yale rejection! Also got a generic email to check portal. Generic emails are the best. If you haven't gotten the email yet go log in obsessively until you're notified.
  11. You'd think I've been around the internet enough to recognize that url from mousing over it but noooooo.
  12. MRW it's Friday afternoon and my inbox is still empty
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