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  1. Hey everyone! I haven't seen a thread about Wisconsin-Madison for people starting this fall, so I wanted to start one. I personally have a ton of questions for other people (housing options, relocation tips, what you've heard about Madison, etc...), and I also want to get to know other people starting programs the same time as me. Just for background, I am starting my PhD in Political Science. My subfields are American and Methods, and my expertise is in media, political communication, Congress, and elections. I am coming straight out of undergrad (graduating in a month!), and I am a
  2. Hey! Any UW people wanna get together and talk about relocation together?
  3. Hey! I'm also going to UW-Madison in the fall. Have you guys decided about housing?
  4. Well I meant for polisci and grad school things but thank you
  5. Which subs on Reddit have you been looking at?
  6. I applied to programs right out of undergrad, and one of my letters of rec happens to be an alumnus from the one school I was accepted to (so far). While the school is an amazing fit and top 15 program for the field I am studying, I think my advisor is the reason I got in. I am personally worried that this connection was the determining factor, and I'm delighted I was accepted, but I don't want it to be the only reason I got in. Oh well I guess.
  7. There hasn't been much posting recently! I'm new to the site, and I'm wondering what forums people move to now that the application process is mostly over. How can I prepare for where I'm going? (most likely Wisconsin-Madison)
  8. Oh I know. I just thought I would hear by this point especially since interviews were sent out so long ago, so it would make sense that they already know the rejections. Part of me is hoping I am on some unofficial waitlist.
  9. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from Vanderbilt? I'm worried something may have gone wrong with my submission if I still haven't heard anything.
  10. For anyone still waiting for a decision from Chapel Hill, I sent an email to the graduate director as I had not received an acceptance or rejection but saw online that people had received both. He told me I am on the unofficial waitlist and the department will be sending out official waitlist notifications today or tomorrow.
  11. Interesting. My portal isn't updated though, so maybe it's coming soon?
  12. A lot of people reported getting emails from UNC Chapel Hill to check their portals, but I haven't received anything and my portal hasn't been updated. Should I just wait it out? Anyone have any thoughts? I'm assuming a rejection at this point since I didn't receive an unofficial offer as some others have.
  13. I applied to 10 schools this round, and I've been accepted to 1 and rejected from 6 so far. I'm waiting on 3 more decisions, but the chances aren't looking good for them. I have full funding at Wisconsin, and I'm wondering if Wisconsin is ranked high enough that I should accept their offer or wait a year to reapply to schools. I've never done this before, so if this is a dumb question, please don't attack me lol
  14. Still haven't heard anything from Chapel Hill or Vanderbilt, so probably safe to assume rejections at this point... Anyone have some secret personal insight into when to expect Georgetown? I'm pretty sure they don't do interviews, right?
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