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  1. Hi- anyone waitlisted at Pratt IxD or UW MHCID, I just declined offers from both of them. Wait for the good news!
  2. Is anyone else still waiting to hear back (UX/HCI track)? I don't see any update on my applyweb nor did I receive an email.
  3. Accepted to both hcde and hcid hmm (not a real frowning face but it’s a tough decision!)
  4. So happy about the results! UW was my dream school and didn’t expect I’d get into both. HCDE vs HCID is a tough call.. Anyone else got into both? Which one are you leaning towards to and what is your reason? I liked portfolios of HCID students more in general, but in terms of job preparation the opportunity for an internship at HCDE is a huge difference. Also I’m an international who’s moving to the US so feel like I’ll have to allow for more time to settle down. What do you think?
  5. "Holistic" - they say, always. What do they mean by a holistic review? To all the people who received their acceptance letters - why do you think you were admitted? You must be good at all areas: GPA, TOEFL, GRE, SOP, LOR, CV but....... really. What do you think your strength was? Did you have a gut feeling that you'll be admitted?
  6. Today is Monday and they should start sending out interview invitations. Last year they did on Mar 7/8th. Anyone received an interview invitation? Or they might have decided to not take internationals at all? Lol
  7. I think they should be sending out interview invitations starting tomorrow, according to last year.
  8. Most of the folks in HCI/ UXD though, heard their decisions in late April last year; I didn't see anyone who received their results in March. Do you know anyone?
  9. If anyone received an interview invitation from HCID, please let us know......... Plus, is anyone seeing if someone from Seattle visited your portfolio website in the last couple of days? They have visited my site until Feb (several times), and starting March they are not visiting at all... Not sure if this means I'm dropped from the candidate list
  10. Hi all, I am accepted to one of the programs. But I'm still anxiously waiting to hear back from my #1 and #2 schools. The #1 program might invite me for an interview (they said they interview strong candidates whose first language is not English.) I'm an international student. I didn't even to study in the US. People don't speak English in my country. The fact that I am not a native English speaker makes me feel so insecure. Part of me hopes I get an interview invitation because that would mean that I'm so close to the acceptance. Another part of me hopes I don't get an invitation at all because I'm so afraid to have an interview in English. Honestly, my speaking is not too bad. It's not like I have a problem studying and working in English. But I know I make mistakes and use awkward phrases. My area of study requires A VERY HIGH level of English fluency, so mostly only the internationals who did their BAs in the renowned US colleges get in this top program (that's why it's a top program, right). So I kinda want to give it all up and prepare for nothing. But on the other hand, I feel like I should be still preparing for the interview. When I pull up the blank Word document to write something, I freeze. I edit and edit and edit, but still don't feel confident. I feel like my answers - including the SOP I've already submitted - suck, compared to the native speakers or internationals who have lived in the US for like half of their lives. I've done job interviews in English many times - but this feels different because they are the "professors". Being correct must be so important to these scholars. Plus, I'm working full time. So the only time I can prepare for the interview is after work, like from 7pm. Work is so stressful these days, so I get so unmotivated and depressed to prepare for the potential interview. I do nothing and go to sleep. Go to the office, get stressed, and repeat. If they do start sending out invitations for the interviews, it'll be from next week. I really have no time. But I'm doing nothing. I write some scripts; they sound so childish. I hate myself.
  11. Congrats! If you want to connect please message me!
  12. I'm an international student located outside of the US and I didn't have an interview. Wish you get an acceptance letter soon and please do let me know! Where else have you applied to?
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