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So happy about the results! UW was my dream school and didn’t expect I’d get into both.


HCDE vs HCID is a tough call.. Anyone else got into both? Which one are you leaning towards to and what is your reason?


I liked portfolios of HCID students more in general, but in terms of job preparation the opportunity for an internship at HCDE is a huge difference.


Also I’m an international who’s moving to the US so feel like I’ll have to allow for more time to settle down.


What do you think?

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Congrats on your dream admits! It really depends what you really want from the bottom of your heart! If you want well-spaced learning then it's HCDE and if you are looking for intense learning then its HCID. What's the type of learning you want to experience is the main outlook here. Secondly, what do you want to take away from the program as well - like internships and experience before you graduate and apply for jobs.

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Hi @Conviction 

Based on my experience in HCI+D I feel:

  1. The program is still in it's infancy. Accordingly, expect the curriculum to not always be where you want it. Conversely, this also means you can help shape the program's structure for future classes which can be a great opportunity if you're up to the task.
  2. Lack of corporate affiliation. The HCDE department is more established and has an extensive corporate network of Seattle area affiliates and internship opportunities. Job hunting as an HCI+D student is going to require some extra leg-work on your part.

HCDE is two years long and has a broader scope than just HCI. From the HCDE site, "HCDE's award-winning interdisciplinary faculty have graduate degrees from fields such as computer science, industrial engineering, information studies, education, English, linguistics, public policy, technology and society studies, and urban planning." It also has more job opportunities and academic research.

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