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  1. Saw this on Reddit this morning -- "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." -- Captain Picard "
  2. (OmniscienceQuest, to himself): "Gosh I haven't been over to the 2020 History applicant thread on GradCafe in a few days, wonder what's going on..." (He enters the thread) . . . (He exits the thread)
  3. I agree -- I've heard bad news from 3 of the 8 PhD programs I applied to and I anticipate all 5 of the other responses by Friday next week, based on reported results from past years. I also expect it will be like this week, where it was dead silent until the very end of the week. But my friends keep reminding me I don't know the future, so who knows. I hope you get good news next week.
  4. I applied almost exclusively to PhD programs in History this year but also applied to Princeton's PhD in Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity in the Dept of Religion. Based on past years it looks like the results for that will come out at the end of next week (i.e. around Friday 2/21). I graduated recently with an MDiv from HDS -- as I recall, when I was accepted their notification went out on March 15th and I believe they release all masters-level results -- good news or bad news -- around that date every year. The waiting has been agonizing for me this year -- I only started to feel better t
  5. Hi everyone - I've been staying quiet and avoiding Grad Cafe as much as I could stand it. I was among the recent round of Yale rejects earlier this week, but other than that it's been radio silence and I've been struggling not to interpret that as a bad sign. If anyone is looking for something to keep you distracted, there was a wonderful podcast episode on NPR recently that was about the psychology of comparing yourself against other people: Counting Other People's Blessings. I don't know if it will help but I'm making the intention that every time I start getting anxious I'll remind myself o
  6. I'm interested in the Modern Thought and Literature program at Stanford and am wondering if there are other, similar interdisciplinary programs at other universities? With a strong Literature focus but lots of room to branch into cognitive science, history, law, or any other direction on a highly individualized basis.
  7. Hi friend -- I am in a somewhat similar position, coming from MDiv to PhD in Humanities. You should be focusing on individual professors whose research interests are a good fit with your own. I'm personally looking at faculty in many different departments -- Comp Lit, History, Religion, Jewish Studies, interdisciplinary programs. TBH an MDiv and MFA might not look like advantages to everyone on the admissions committee -- you'll need to demonstrate a serious commitment to RESEARCH on your application, and also in any exploratory emails you might send out. With only four or five months left unt
  8. For masters-level programs I wouldn't stress out too much about GPA. Apply everywhere you would seriously want to go and focus on where you want to go next in your studies. That being said, as someone with a Classics background I would urge you to reconsider trying to make a career in Classics. There are jobs teaching Latin in high schools but that is IT. It's a fantastic transition into any other field in the Humanities, if you're looking at a PhD, but I would strongly discourage you from considering Classics for anything more than a two year masters, including work.
  9. Hi JonCL - I'm a recent masters-level graduate from a NELC program. My impression is that your Hebrew language training is fine for ANE, and your Greek is adequate background as one of the languages you'll do a reading proficiency test in but it's not enough to propose a research project involving Greek/NT. One of my deans from a previous institution told me that they accept students into their Arabic PhD with as little as two years of Arabic. (Small pet peeve -- when you say "3 years equivalency" it makes it sound to me like you're including intensives but trying to "hide" the fact for some r
  10. I’m a fan of r/forbiddenSnacks r/kidsarefuckingstupid r/creepyasterisks hbu?
  11. Well, I’m moving over to Reddit (even though most of the content is generated by bots these days). You should check out Poli Sci Rumors website next
  12. I only applied to two programs because I didn’t want to be in the position of potentially spending the rest of my life with regrets, wondering if I could have done better. It looks like I’m going to strike out but I think that’s better for me long-term than making a bad decision on something so important.
  13. My personal opinion is that if this is how you’re feeling after visiting the schools, you should seriously consider the CIR program at Chicago and hold off on starting a PhD until you’re in a better position to get into a program you’re going to be more enthusiastic about.
  14. I emailed them last week and they said I should know within the next two weeks (I.e. by March 15). I assume that applies to everyone
  15. I am praying some of you who have no acceptances and are feeling desperate will receive a surprise last-minute fully funded offer. Jah bless...
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