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  1. Hi OmniscienceQuest, Thank you for your advice. I will see what I would think about my future career after I graduate from my MA, but what I think right now is just to study and teach Latin and Greek, even meaning that I have to go back to my home country (international student here) and teach them in my high school if I cannot get a teaching position in a post-secondary institution here in the States.
  2. Hello all, I am becoming a college senior this fall and I am making my list of schools (MA? not sure yet) to apply to at this moment. Kind of in lost for the tiers of school to consider as "reach" or "safety", I am seeking your advice. My situation is a bit complicated: I am currently double majoring in biology and classics. My biology GPA is kind of low (3.2 ish), while my classics GPA is higher (3.7 ish). I have conducted independent research in biology and have a publication on the way, but I am having trouble sparing time for my last few courses to complete my bio major graduation requirement. Therefore, I am considering dropping the bio major to concentrate on classics and grad school applications (sadly my school does not have a bio minor option). However, I worry that the low overall GPA would affect my chances to get into good schools. My professors said the Classics awards I had won in college would increase my chances, and experiences in science could be a good thing in applying to classics grad schools, but now honestly I don't know if or how much my low GPA in biology would pull me down. Should I apply to more safety schools and less prestigious schools for this reason? All thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
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