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  1. oh god.. i remember i was stuck in poliscirumors rut in the summer while i was studying to retake the GRE. gradcafé can be depressing as well, especially if you're going through a rough patch and forget to take everything said here with a grain of salt. i was crippled with self-doubt and people at poliscirumors made it even worse... dark, dark times! i'm happy i didn't let it bring me down too much and banned myself from ever touching that shit since around september.
  2. Hi! I declined an offer from McGill. Best of luck to everyone!! Xx
  3. I just declined my offer at McGill. I don't know if they have waitlists, but if anyone is waitlisted, I hope this helps. I declined as soon as I made a decision. Best of luck to everyone!!
  4. I've tried basically everything over the years. Best duo I've consistently enjoyed using for the past few years: uni-ball signo .5 (micro 207) in blue + uni-ball mechanical pencil uni kuru toga .5 for colored ones, I use staedtler triplus fineliners. for highlighters, i have the staedtler classic textsurfer ones plus the slimmer textsurfer ones.
  5. Thank you @DefeatistElitist and @PBandMachiajelly! You're making my decision more difficult haha I'm choosing between Northwestern and McGill (gave up on Harvard and UofT since it seems they both rolled out acceptances but I haven't heard anything from either). Academically, I'm leaning towards Northwestern more, but I would love to live in Montréal
  6. Has anyone received a funding offer from McGill? I just did earlier today and basically don't know how to interpret it. For Canadians on this thread, are there online resources you think faithfully convey cost of living in Montréal? It would be very helpful in comparing my other US offer to see which is actually more, rather than comparing figures only. Thank you!
  7. Ah I feel ya... i just need closure!
  8. Does this mean i will have to be waiting on the edge until all spots are filled? Ugh! It seems that they’re using an ongoing ranked waitlist or something 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. I emailed the UofT coordinator asking about an estimate for when I should expect an answer. This is what he said, hope it helps: ”I believe the first set of PhD offers are supposed to go out soon – I believe as early as today, but more than likely either Mondayor Tuesday of next week. Note that it is a rolling process – we send out offers, and if any of them are turned down, we then move to the next person on the list. It’s ongoing until all the spots are filled – so if you don’t receive an offer in the first set, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will not be receiving at offer at all.”
  10. Does anyone know if McGill organizes recruitment events like prospective student visits like most US schools? I'm still waiting on my official offer letter and wanted to know if I should go ahead and start working on getting a tourist visa to Canada 😬😬
  11. Hi! I appreciate the input. can you talk a little about the department culture and environment? - how do students and profs treat each other? - what do you think of the stipend? do you need to start TA/RAing from year one? - are there special funds for research/fieldwork?
  12. Totally! I assume it's a rejection for me. But I will be looking out for some official rejection before I make my decision. It's such a tough choice, especially when all the programs I got admitted to are perfect fits. Congrats again to the harvard admits! Good luck to everyone still waiting on offers.
  13. Just checking.. to the people who posted about their harvard admission--it's for the PhD in Government (as opposed to the PEG one), right? Congrats to all!!
  14. Yes!! I actually applied the day before the deadline (Jan 13) to both UofT and McGill 😬🙃 so since I heard back from McGill, I assumed they start looking at applications only after the deadline?
  15. I applied to both UofT and McGill. I heard back from McGill today (im one of the posters on the results page). Comparative P subfield. Nothing from UofT yet!
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