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  1. Thank you for the insightful reply. Funny enough, I am finishing my undergrad in Hong Kong and I stayed in Zurich for my exchange semester. (It seems like I am collecting the experience of living in expensive cities as if I am collecting post stamps!) Chicago is the cheapest choice out of all my offers and it is extremely well-known for its strength in political theory, so it is definitely the safest option. I am a little worried about the reputation of the MAPSS program and the large cohort though. Its sheer size meant mentorship is limited compared to other MA programs which do a greater jo
  2. I am also in a similar situation as you. I was accepted by UBC and rejected by York MA Politics program. (Which is weird since I thought my deeper background in Marxism and critical theory would give me an edge.) However, for me it is more about picking Canadian vs. American institutions for my MA. The tuition for UBC on top of the TA bonus is really attractive, but if my plan is to stick to the academia and go to U.S. institutions for a phD, then the extra tuition may be worth investing from the perspectives of an international student. (non-American and non-Canadian.) In the U.S., I have bee
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