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  1. Hi, I have a school visit coming up on Wednesday and still haven't received an itinerary. I'm starting to freak out a little about how to prepare for the visit as I don't know exactly who I'll be talking to or how structured the visits are. Does anyone have some information about how their visits have gone? I don't have any specific professors I've communicated with at the school. Should I be trying to meet with some professors whose work was interesting? If so, am I coming to them asking whether they are taking on new students and how they would work with me, or am I still trying to sell myse
  2. scdaaljobe

    Davis, CA

    Hello, I got an acceptance to UC Davis and will most likely be attending in the fall. I've never lived in a smaller city/town and my main concern is what the social life is like. I'm pretty young still and single and won't know anyone there. What have people's experiences been like with the social scene for grad students in Davis?
  3. Whoops, sorry for not clarifying. I'm talking about NYU.
  4. Based on the results page it looks like several acceptances and rejections went out on February 6th. I also haven't heard back from them but I'm assuming at this point it's a no.
  5. That is very true. I think the question, at least for me, also relates to how to think about what going to this kind of school at this level means in terms of career prospects. Placement and ranking seem to carry a lot of weight, but actual measurements along these items seem pretty scant.
  6. I'm in the same boat but with UC Davis and would love to hear what people think. (American Politics)
  7. Has anyone reached out to NYU about rejection emails? It's been so long since all the acceptances were sent out and I don't understand why they'd wait so long before sending out the rejections. Could it be similar to Northwestern's situation mentioned by tobz?
  8. Anyone have any idea when the UC Davis decisions will go out? I would have thought they'd be out by now. Seems like we have a bit of a break now before Harvard/Stanford/Columbia come out. Not looking forward to the wait. 8 applied/ 0 acceptances/ 3 rejections
  9. ehh... not really. they sent you an email out of blue 8 days ago? Or you emailed that address and got a response 8 days ago? sorry, just a bit confused.
  10. Thanks! out of curiosity, who told you that? did you call the admissions office or something like that?
  11. I'm in the same boat as acmnny and have a minor in statistics along with the linear algebra and a year of calculus. I'm still holding out hope for my remaining schools though, not ready to have to face possibility of not going to grad school this year i guess.
  12. Ya that was the hope. Davis last year came out the 31st and the other two came out on the 2nd.
  13. Only school I applied to and heard back from was Berkeley and was a reject. Hoping NYU, Davis, and San Diego come out today. Don't want to wait over the weekend.
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