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  1. At this point, its a question of hanging in there and seeing how things turn out. After, a year (2 - 3 years for some), this additional uncertainty is quite harsh. But, this is a global thing, and no one knows how things will change. Just be in touch with your schools, as respectfully as this nervous time allows, and hope for the best. Hang in there everyone...
  2. yes, the housing is getting complicated. I'm trying to hold on until a few weeks. Once I get the UCR email id, then maybe more avenues will open up. I really want to stay a little closer to campus during the first couple years; Canyon Crest would be the furthest I would want.I don't want to pay more than 800-850 for my room. So finding a room-mate like that takes some searching.
  3. Yes, i've been looking at the FB page for UCR housing. There does not seem to be too many choices there. I took part in the online meeting for the political science dept about 10 days ago. Don't worry too much about it. It is all quite casual, the faculty talk about the dept and then you have a separate conversation with the current students. I found it quite informational. also you can keep your video off while you hear them, so it can give you some time to prep yourself.
  4. same here, international and dont know the area too well. i'm waiting for a little bit more time to see if there are others looking to share apartments. its a bit steep, in terms of price, for studio or one-bedroom. But, if there are people renting out 1 room in a 2-bedroom apt, then that is quite cost effective.
  5. Yes, in-campus was suggested not to be the best place for graduate students. There are supposed to be good apartments in the moreno valley, as well as in the downtown riverside area. There are facebook groups that you can join to search for apartments. I really would have liked to go to Riverside to check out the place, but i guess will have to search for roommates online. Currrent grad students suggest that living close to campus during your first year is best, especially if you do not own a car and have to use public transport.
  6. nice! did you happen to get in touch with people in riverside? I had the online graduate recruitment day today.... gotta figure out housing now!
  7. Great! What are you going to be studying?
  8. Hello Everyone, Earlier threads on UCR seem to have been from 2014 and before, so I thought I'd start a new thread. I am almost sure that I will be attending UCR as a PhD student in the Dept. of Political Science. Would love to start a conversation with anyone else who is going to UCR or even considering going there this fall!
  9. Got an email from UCR on friday that their event is still on.
  10. I got a Waitlist from Mcgill Feb 18... I wonder how long they will wait on letting me know... Its the only Canadian School that I've applied to..
  11. Great work on running this forum Dwar! You made things a lot easier on most of us this cycle!
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