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  1. Just got accepted to and summarily declined CU Boulder offer as I've already accepted somewhere else so hopefully someone on the waitlist can still get in!
  2. PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: PrivateMajor(s)/Minor(s): International RelationsUndergrad GPA: 3.4Type of Grad: Public University in Netherlands - Rijksuniversiteit GroningenGrad GPA: 8.0/10 on Dutch scale - around an A on American scaleGRE: 161V, 148Q, 5.0 AWAny Special Courses: noneLetters of Recommendation: Yes Research Experience: 3 yearsTeaching Experience: yesSubfield/Research Interests: Conflict Studies, Security Studies, RussiaOther:RESULTS:Acceptances($$ or no $$): Colorado State University $$, George Mason $$Waitlists: CU Boulder, University of DenverRejections: George Washi
  3. Claiming the Denver waitlist. I decided to turn down the waitlist as I'm already going to CSU (most likely) so good luck to other applicants on the list!
  4. It was fairly generic I think? Just an email from the head of Graduate Admissions and I checked the portal and it was also there as well. Also claiming a Yale rejection (completely expected haha).
  5. Claiming the acceptance to Colorado State University! Whew. I feel like I can finally breathe again.
  6. So I know that some people have been writing to their schools they want to go to (at least so it seems here and on the results section) and asking about waitlisting, timelines, etc. And I was just wondering what the group's opinions are on trying to make your case to either a waitlist school (by ex: saying you would accept immediately if they offered it), or to a school you haven't been accepted to yet. I've been going back and forth on it myself. It seems like it could be both harmful and beneficial depending on how you framed it. But I was just curious if any of you have done that and i
  7. Congrats And actually congrats to everyone that got in yesterday! I'm on the European time zone so I always feel a bit delayed in issuing responses/congrats! And to everyone that was rejected, you've still got this! As someone who hasn't gotten any acceptances yet, one rejection and one waitlist, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude that even if I don't get in anywhere, it just means I get another chance to try next year and get some good work experience in the meantime. Also the weekend is here and since there (at least I would assume) won't be any acceptances/rejections over t
  8. Same. Still waiting to hear back from five schools and that doesn't stop me from checking this website and their application sites every day multiple times.
  9. Agreed! @niceward it's still early in the application process. Stay positive!
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