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  1. hmm no? It must be another person then
  2. @BunniesInSpace thank you for sharing your opinion! I asked for a updated placement about 2019 graduates. But the director said for 2019, no one is active or new on the market. But she said next year will be a big one. I didnt see PhD from vanderbilt get a R1 ap.. mostly R 2 . I will try hard to stay in academia so I care more about the placement in academia not industry. (Rand is an exception I agree) For penn state, I noticed the Princeton one. But I agree with you, I should put it aside. His experience is incredible and unique.
  3. another question on the placement of PhD: how to do the comparison, especially those schools ranking lower than the top 20? Top 20 get a great great placement But for those from top30/40, I notice they get post -doc in a good school or AP at some “ok” schools (sorry I say this again from an international student perspective: some US schools I have never heard of , but I google it and it seems like just a normal university. Correct me if it’s inappropriate to call it like this ) it’s easier to tell the difference between top 20 and 40 but what about both in the 30-40 tier (Yes I am using my options as example: Vanderbilt Vs. Penn state) what do u think?
  4. Thanks for all of your comments and advice! Glad to hear more of your views on how to make a wise decision/which factor you value the most during this application cycle. Although we may miss lots of visiting events due to the virus thing, hope everyone will get to the best place!
  5. Thank you very much! Especially on your views of Vanderbilt’s reputation in the US!
  6. thank you so much and I feel blessed i can hear from someone who actually went to the Vandy visiting. The two schools are holding the visiting at the same weekend unfortunately. But anyways, totally agree with you that i should contact the faculty directly! thank you again and good luck to you too!
  7. Claiming UBC waiting list. Maybe Canadian schools just not for me......
  8. thank you so much for the advice! Yes to be honest, I was indeed worried about whether it is rude to raise concerns on the long plan for assistant professor. Sorry I should be more specific. I am looking at IR method training and conflicts study between two schools. Penn state vs. Vandy.
  9. Hi all, I am looking for a topic on this forum in making a careful decision on which school to attend, especially I might not be able to attend all recruitment weekends. some of them take place at the same time. I know there is one topic on decision but it is not specifically designed for poli sci people. Grateful if you can recommend one to me. or we can just use this one to help people know more about each school and make a choice. I will share my concerns here first. Faculty support I am really interested in one school I was admitted. But compared to other schools, most of the faculty in my subfield are assistant professors. (They have 2 associate professors with good publications). There are pros and cons. They are from great great schools and have decent publications as well. and Assistant professors are generally younger and more energetic to work with students. But they may leave? I guess? I can't forsee what would happen with them in 3-4 years when I need a committee. Really appreciate your opinions on it. Also if you have any thoughts or concerns, it would be great we all share it together!
  10. If your final goal is to get a PhD in the US, I recommend you to get a master with solid method training. i encountered this question several times during the interviews this cycle: what methods course have you taken? And you dont want to be like "... hmmm actually no". So apart from the ranking, I would say go to a school where the faculty really know research methods. Maybe a LOR written by a faculty with US PhD background would help a lot as well. Leiden in this way might be a good choice.
  11. How can such good schools not secure funding for students? As an international applicant and I also apply for schools in other countries, funding is the number one concern
  12. Yea I saw that as well. But the post said email to check the portal. I thought it will be like either the POI or Emily Ritter will write to accepted people first and then wait for another week to get formal decision.
  13. Anyone claim the result post of Vanderbilt ?
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