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  1. it is true international students may not get a high score as native english speaking students. But just among international students, many apply with at least 158 (I am talking among my peers in East Asia). the common score among us are 160-162. So I suggest do it one more time
  2. sorry but I have to give my strong opposition to this response. (which I normally dont say it out publicly) No one can deny the academia is getting harder than ever. limited faculty positions, funding being cut down, extremely high competition...... And Covid-19 is making things even worse. But which industry can escape all these? How many people get laid off in 2020. We are experiencing difficulties. It doesnt mean thats the end and we shouldnt think of doing a PhD at all. For PhD application, it is totally normal to wait a few years until you can get into a s
  3. No you are not. GRE may not be that important if you read one person's application only. But if you put it in a pool with 200-300 students whose score averagely are V155-170, you will know how important it is. I have a professor who worked as a student helper in PhD admission in a Top6 school, (you know which 6 ). She told me facing hundreds of applications, student helpers are firstly asked to narrow the pool to less than 100 , or even 50. They look at GPA and GRE mainly. Finally people who entering the smaller pool almost all have a nearly perfect GPA and GRE. (both V and Q ar
  4. No u don’t have to. U fill in a new DS 160. And then use the update profile function on the left hand size
  5. no. I am applying from Hong Kong, where no new cases for more than 2 weeks. I am not sure they will open country by country or all together
  6. I am really sorry to hear that. I am in the same boat as well. May I know what makes you think that no new visa will be issued throughout 2020? Cuz i am thinking of deferment if I still cant get a visa before 2021 spring. thanks!
  7. Hi I think we r In the same situation except for our locations. Tuition waived with no stipend. One thing I really don’t know: will they resume visa service within 2020? I seriously doubt it
  8. I think if you are aiming to work in organisations instead of academia, then your working/intern experience is more important than the reputation of your school. So Getting an internship or contract based work in the UN is much much easier if you study at Graduate Institute. Plus, if I remember it correctly, internship is even part of their program. science Po is famous indeed. I have never studied there but I have professors talking about it with negative comments. Like they are not updating their courses. They recruit just too many students. I also have a couple of friends studying there
  9. @Paulcg87 I dont know how to further extend my gratitude. I would say this is a must read for everyone. Thank you! "being on a large campus right now in a world without a vaccine" this is almost everything in my mind, as a new student in the US without a car. As @Artifex_Archer , i dont want to begin my phd by sitting in front of my screen. But I know there will be lots of difficulties for me to travel to the US and settle down now. So while I am praying for more flexibility from my school, I am thinking questions like "will online learning better than nothing"? "Do I have an equal
  10. I agree with you the decision should be made between the cost of deferring and the cost of doing (one semester at least) online. thanks for pointing it out!
  11. Thank you very much! I appreciate that you suggest thinking about how much time I can save to do something else. online things suck but I am really happy to see more scholars are still utilising online opportunities to arrange presentations and other things. Thats a great inspiration!
  12. 1. don’t go to Science Po. It’s just a name. (Welcome any further discussions) 2. Graduate institute in Geneva is perfect if you want to work in UN. It’s just right next to UN. I have two friends studying there and they all got UN internship. One of them even stay there for a full time job. But don’t dream too big about UN. They don’t pay lower ranking staff much. And living in Geneva is very expensive.
  13. Hi! Really appreciate your reply! Thanks a lot! I remember you are going to a Canadian school right? May I know what does it mean offering in both format? Does it mean some of students who choose in person will be on site while they will set up a camera for the rest?
  14. Hi guys, Not sure if you have received instructions from schools about the 2020 Fall plan. If school announces remote learning, will you choose to take it or defer for a year? I am anxiously waiting for my school to announce it while in the middle of choices again. Appreciate all of your kind suggestions and sharing! Wish everyone stay healthy and safe. Best,
  15. So u mean we can’t do online courses in the US?
  16. Any international students would like to share how your visa application goes so far? Future plans on learning remotely?
  17. Sorry but... didnt quite get what you are trying to say.
  18. Lets assume international flight gets back to normal and I can get a visa before this fall...... Talking from another international/East Asia/jet-lag background: If there is funding for the online class and I need to take up my TA/RA assistant work, I will probably move there. Doing all these things in a different time zone is insane. Suffering doesnt make me productive. Better be there, take my time to settle down for housing. If no funding for the online class and no TAships, I will probably stay at home for a bit longer. I can save some money and spend just a bit more time with f
  19. thanks @uchenyy for the good news. I got similar news as well. The professor, a prestigious one in my field, said there is no way the offer is rescinded.
  20. “only applies to students who have not already accepted our offers. Those who have already so accepted will continue to be funded according to the terms of the original offer” Why dont they just cut the number of incoming students next year instead of reducing the current funding? It seems like they are legit to do that since a contract has not yet been signed. But, still, it sucks. Another East Asian background here... Got my I-20 and scheduled an appointment for visa in May. Not sure whether it will be cancelled or put off. I highly doubt it
  21. i think stony brook is a great place for political psychology. I took class on experiment taught by two professors from stony brook. excellent faculty there! and I am sure you will have great resources and network if you are committed to this subfield.
  22. @BunniesInSpace thank you for sharing your opinion! I asked for a updated placement about 2019 graduates. But the director said for 2019, no one is active or new on the market. But she said next year will be a big one. I didnt see PhD from vanderbilt get a R1 ap.. mostly R 2 . I will try hard to stay in academia so I care more about the placement in academia not industry. (Rand is an exception I agree) For penn state, I noticed the Princeton one. But I agree with you, I should put it aside. His experience is incredible and unique.
  23. another question on the placement of PhD: how to do the comparison, especially those schools ranking lower than the top 20? Top 20 get a great great placement But for those from top30/40, I notice they get post -doc in a good school or AP at some “ok” schools (sorry I say this again from an international student perspective: some US schools I have never heard of , but I google it and it seems like just a normal university. Correct me if it’s inappropriate to call it like this ) it’s easier to tell the difference between top 20 and 40 but what about both in the 30-40 tier
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