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  1. Applying to: MPP or IR @ LSE, Sciences Po, Oxford, SAIS, Cambridge, Georgetown, SIPA Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 Canadian university Undergraduate GPA: 3.3x Undergraduate Major: political science Languages Skills: English, French, Bengali, Urdu/Hindi Relevant Work Experience: 3 internships at Canadian foreign affairs ministry (trade & investment, a bit of foreign policy & national security), intern at university’s international development office, intern at royal charity (programs & policy) Publications: wrote articles for a few online IR public
  2. Thanks for your suggestions! Any particular reason why I should refrain from Sciences Po? I have heard mixed things but want to hear what you have to say since it's a globally acclaimed school. I am interested in Geneva and agree that it's expensive. My concern is that while it's good for the working at the UN, the school doesn't have as far of a reach globally as LSE or something else.
  3. New here so sorry if I'm not doing things the right way. Program Applying to: Planning on MA/MSc in IR, Global Politics, Comparative Politics/MPP/MPA/ something along those lines. I would love to go to LSE, but plan on applying to King's College London, Sciences Po, and some other schools. Undergraduate Institution: top 10 school in Canada (doesn't mean much 😂 ) Undergraduate GPA: A tad bit under 3.4 cumulative, 3.6 ish last 20 courses (not sure if UK schools care about last 20) Undergraduate Major: political science GRE: Not taken since I'm not planning on applying
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and have never posted in places like this before so I apologise in advance if this is the wrong place for my post. I'm a Canadian student at an okay university in Canada. I would like to pursue a master's degree in IR/global politics/public policy or something along those lines. Ideally, I would like to study in Europe, preferably at LSE. I am also open to applying to other schools like Sciences Po, King's College, and maybe even the Graduate Institute in Switzerland. I have a year of school left and my cumulative GPA is a tad bit under 3.4 but I am hop
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