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  1. Hi all, anyone hear back from Kent state university?? please share!!
  2. Hi, anyone accepted to Kent state university?! please update it here
  3. Thank you. for PhD. So it seems I was rejected, since i didnt recieve anything. will you accept it?
  4. Hi all, anybody hear back from Kent state university?? please let me know!
  5. Hi! Congratulation on your acceptance! May I ask you about Kent state university's results? Did u receive anything from Kent?
  6. Hi. anyone hear from UGA (Georgia state), Kentucky, Kansas??
  7. Thanks. Do you know if the interview is going to take place or not?
  8. Hi, anybody hear from New mexico, Georgia state, texas tech, kentucky?!
  9. Hi, do you invited to an interview? Or do you know if this university will have an interview or not?
  10. Hi all, Has anyone applied to Georgia state university?
  11. Hi guys, I have an important question about the interview. Does anybody know what type of questions be asked during the interview? I am an international applicant, and I need to do more practice to answer properly and without anxiety. I wanna ask you about typically what type of question to be asked and how long it takes?
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