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  1. Hi guys, I have an important question about the interview. Does anybody know what type of questions be asked during the interview? I am an international applicant, and I need to do more practice to answer properly and without anxiety. I wanna ask you about typically what type of question to be asked and how long it takes?
  2. Thank you. very helpful! But mine is about 20 pages and I think its OK in regard of page unless they want more than 20! However about my writing sample, I am really worry. since I haven't seen any other applicant's work I have no idea about mine. I think most of them are sophisticated work with mixed method.
  3. Thank you very much. Honestly, another concern I have is about the method I have used. The method that I chose is a qualitative one and in my idea it is very simple because it is written in descriptive method and I have not used a quantitative method at all. Should I be worried about this? And since the universities I want to apply to do not have a limit on the number of pages or words for the writing sample, how many words do you think my article should be?
  4. Hi guys! I have a question that is very important to me. Please help me! very urgent! I am an international applicant and my writing sample is about Russian foreign policy. Are papers on policy analysis appropriate for the writing sample, or should I change that?
  5. Hi guys Thank you very much for your help. Honestly, my case is a bit complicated. Master's GPA is good, but not a bachelor's. I have almost a lot of conference papers and submissions, and my resume in the research section is relatively good, but on the other hand, I am not at all sure about some things. GRE score is moderate and compare to others is not good and I think it is not suitable for sending at all. I was very confused and a little scared!
  6. Hello guys, I have an important question and I would be thankful if you help me. If an applicant does not send the GRE test score to the departments that have made the GRE test optional for this cycle, will it be to his / her detriment and reduce his / her chances of being accepted?
  7. Congratulations- did you get the offer after an interview?
  8. Thank you. Very useful info dear mcm1. I'll consider it but I think my graduate school is one of the best in the MENA, at least by some of the rankings it is not lower than you mention.
  9. No, I'm not from Turkey. Do you have any views on my chance?
  10. Is there any other opinion??! Plz let me know
  11. @Armenlly Thank you very much for your reply dear... :))
  12. Hello everyone TOEFL: 100 GRE: 158(V) 156(Q) 3.5 (AWA) Grad GPA: 3.5/4.00 from the best university in my country and one of the best in the region. Grad Major: International relations with focus on the Middle East. 2 International Conference Paper 2 Internet article 1 1 co-authored Book 2 summer school/One In Germany (fully funded by DAAD)/ the other one in turkey/ 1-year translator and Journalist in the international sector of a famous news agency in my country/ interested in comparative politics and international relations/ Aiming: 20-60 Ranking in the u.s (ful
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