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  1. Thank you both! I appreciate the kind words. I don't have a GRE score, however one of the schools I applied for doesn't ask for it, and it's a good school. One of the schools I applied for may just disqualify me because I don't have one, even though it's not required but "strongly recommended". I didn't have any of my supervisors review my SOP - I only compared them with samples and looked up the dos and don'ts. Thanks again to you both.
  2. Hello everyone. I am wondering if you'd be willing to give an honest evaluation of which tier of schools (if any) I should be considered by. M.A. in Political Science 3.9 GPA (3.9+ for Political Science courses) (degree expected for April) B.A in Philosophy minor in History, GPA is...well, not good. It's about 3.3 for final 2 years of study. *both schools are not tier 1 schools* Research experience: (1) interned at a think tank as a researcher, involving some experience with R. (2) Research assistant for graduate programme. Publications: (1) I've been published (as sole author) in a political science journal, with professors from various parts of the U.S./Europe as part of the committee. (2) article in student journal (3) I have about a half dozen opinion pieces published in newspapers, all on subjects of foreign affairs Teaching: four terms experience, excellent reviews LOR: I think they're going to be very strong. They're all from tenured professors. Statement of purpose: I worked really hard on it, but I have no idea how to measure this myself. Misc: peer-reviewer for student journal, presented at conference, a couple awards/scholarships but nothing special. Honestly, if I get one acceptance to any school of any tier, I'll be happy. If not, such is life and I'll move on. I've applied to four schools.
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