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  1. Thank you! I contacted them, and they pretty much said the same. However, they also agreed to receive recommendation letters directly, which is what I'm going to tell my professors to do.
  2. Northwestern, USC, Kansas, Cincinnati, UNL, FIU and Pittsburgh. I'd be more than happy with a funded offer from any of them.
  3. Graduate applications are very expensive, especially for international students not usually applicable for fee waivers. This is a a compilation of fee waiver codes for different universities. If you know any more codes, please mention it in the replies. Thread -
  4. Anyone applying/applied to Northwestern and having trouble with their Letters of Recommendations? My professors are saying that they are asked to make an account or something, and there is no way to skip that. Wanted to ask the people here before I contact them.
  5. How did you convince your recommenders to upload so many letters? I had to cycle my professors because none of them would upload more than 5 lol.
  6. Submitted my first application, to USC. 6 more to go!
  7. Sorry, I don't want to come off as rude, but this needs a lot of improvement. Firstly, it's far too short to get a high score. A good GRE essay should be at least 500 words. Your reasons are themselves, actually quite good, but your sentence structure is not the best. You have not put a conclusion (your last paragraph is not in the form of a conclusion). I'd say your thinking process is in the right direction, but your English needs work (I'm guessing you are not a native English speaker). As it is, this is about a 3. But I'm sure with more writing practice, you can improve it to a 4 - 4.5
  8. I had initially thought about applying to 8-9, but have since reduced it to 6. Gonna keep some money for Spring apps.
  9. Undergrad - Political Science - CGPA 9.5/10 (from a state school in India (qs rank 650-700) Masters - International Relations - CGPA 7.3/9 (from a central university in India, qs rank 560) GRE - not given yet, but expecting V165 Q160 Conference presentations - 2 (one in a EU-funded conference, another in a conference organized by a top Canadian University) Formal research experience - none (both my presentations were a result of independent research, I have not worked under any professor). Anything else - I have a fellowship from the Indian government to get funding fo
  10. Wow you seem like a really strong candidate, can't believe that you got rejected from all those places last cycle. I'm really worried about my chances now haha, but honestly think you'd be fine this cycle. All those choices should definitely be within reach for you. Have you mailed any faculty members at these unis yet?
  11. Yep, that should be enough (quite more than enough, actually). Also would help if your writing sample is based on quantitative research.
  12. Slight proof-reading issues aside, one of the best essays. Easily a 5.0
  13. Normally, 162 would be a fine quant score for Poli sci, but since you're looking at Quant heavy programs like NYU and Rochester, I think you would need above 165. It would also be great if you have had some prior training in quantitative methods during your undergrad.
  14. I honestly don't know how you got rejected by schools outside the top-20, you seem a stellar candidate. That being said, have you thought about applying outside? National University of Singapore is really good, as is RSIS (part of Nanyang Technical University). You can also apply to universities in Canada (McGill and UoT) and UK (University of Warwick has a great IR program). UCDublin is also a great choice. Best of luck!!
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