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  1. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: SEC, Top 10 public institution according to USNews Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science, Anthropology, Minor: Sustainability Undergrad GPA: 3.7 Type of Grad: n/a GRE: n/a Any Special Courses: R class, Research Methods, Honors Thesis courses Letters of Recommendation: 3 - My thesis advisor who is also the chair of the polisci program at my uni, lecturer I have a good relationship with, lecturer for my R class who I also have good relationship with Teaching Experience: n/a Other: Basic R skills, no publications, just my in-progress thesis was used for
  2. Hey yall, I got off of the waitlist at Maryland as well this week and am likely to accept their offer after speaking with my advisor. I plan on declining my Illinois offer soon, hopefully that helps one of you guys! Thanks to those who made it possible for me to get off of my waitlists, and thanks for all the support on this forum and good luck to all ❤️
  3. This is the political science forum! you'll have better luck in whatever corresponding forum to your application
  4. Accepted off the waitlist at UIUC! I am so relieved and thrilled and all of the emotions!
  5. theres the georgetown rejection, email to check portal
  6. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU WOW! just shows you never know what youre gonna get from each school!
  7. whats your subfield? theres a couple of us that have claimed umd waitlists so hoping for the best for all of us
  8. Emailed Maryland asking for when decisions will come out and they told me I was waitlisted! If anybody here is AP and got an acceptance and not planning on going please decline!
  9. kinda hoping this is the last friday i have to endure waiting, kinda nervous anyway
  10. at least MIT had a quick turnaround to send out rejections! im on my last two now eek
  11. I feel like if i was accepted my POI wouldve definitely reached out to me first... so im just assuming rejection
  12. with some of these schools saying results will be out by the end of the month im gonna be a bit annoyed if friday comes and still no news
  13. trolling on the results page is too common on here, so we like to have people claim them on this forum too to ensure theyre not trolls
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