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  1. Cornell moved their open house online.
  2. Thanks for the info! Maybe they just had a super small cohort this year. I'll expect a rejection at this point.
  3. FYI UChi rejections just dropped. The cycle is basically over for me, minus Georgetown, which is nice.
  4. Does anyone have any updated info on when we should expect to hear back from UNC? I'm considering emailing them and asking.
  5. I haven't heard anything yet either and my portal still has the status marked Ready for Review
  6. Anyone know when we might hear back from Columbia? It looks like they're generally pretty late in the cycle, but figured I'd check!
  7. I wouldn't give up hope yet--rejections/admissions are really weird and don't seem to really follow much logic (as I'm sure people here would agree with!). I was in the same boat earlier and then got into Cornell. Actually was googling "got rejected from all PhD programs" and a lot of good articles popped up--most suggested finishing strong at current job/program for good LORs, finding something that interested you, and remembering that any potential rejections are not a reflection of your worth. Good luck!
  8. Hi all, also claiming a Cornell admit. Really didn't expect it but I'm over the moon (had 4 rejections before this).
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