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  1. Do folks who are fortunate enough to have been admitted have any plans for preparing? I'm trying to figure out what stuff I'm going to try to learn and refresh myself on, and what logistical/life skills things I'm going to try to work on to prepare. The other forums have some advice but I've run across a few too many "buy a nice labcoat" posts there not to suspect that aspiring philosophers might have some unique insights.
  2. To echo this point, I think things are starting to get even worse for the humanities even at places that should be committed to them. I've heard that Duquesne is going to ax its classics department, for example: https://twitter.com/ariellecohen/status/1118984345577054209?s=03
  3. Got the email that NYU isn't taking from their waitlist this year and sent my acceptance to Pitt!
  4. This is a good point of how the departments have something to do with this too. I mean Stanford only released, what, two weeks ago? Late decisions and visits must put a lot of pressure on people and encourage some delays.
  5. I think it's awesome to want to get back into philosophy! I think it'll be important for you to really focus on why you want to pursue grad school and why you might not want to pursue it, especially given the emotional attachments you're likely to have to your options. Here's my limited view of your situation: Good reason(s) to try to go: You want to experience graduate study in philosophy I think this may be basically the only really good reason to apply to grad school. As your posts above suggested, however, this can be a weighty consideration. There are things you just wan
  6. I don't have any direct comment, but I wanted to link the philosopher's cocoon blog, which is a cool blog about early profession issues that writes a lot about teaching and getting hired at teaching schools.
  7. I actually think that we should have a very low view of how much we know about the admissions process. Moreover, we have reason to be very skeptical about the value of this kind of forum advice as to how to improve application chances. While certain baseline information, such as the information in Eric Schwitzgebel's guide, is valuable, I doubt that all that much more can reliably be said about how to do well in the process. To begin with, our ability to infer from application results is very limited. For example, if I understand the posts above, @Marcus_Aurelius and @crunderdunder took
  8. I will accept at Pitt if I don't get accepted off of NYU's waitlist.
  9. Just withdrew from Berkeley's waitlist. It's an amazing program, but I felt like I had to just weigh all the considerations I could and make a decision rather than dragging things out any further. Hope it helps someone. Edit: Sorry, I realized this is in the wrong thread!
  10. I don't really know all that much about the underlying data, but given that the placement data isn't particularly reliable for the reasons discussed above, I would be highly tempted just to pick the place where I thought I would have the best fit and do the best work. By trying to control for the impact that just the school has on placement, you might be neglecting the possibility that what makes the difference between a student at either place having a really good shot at getting into a good school is how well they were able to work with the folks there on developing a good writing sampl
  11. Thought it might be nice to have a thread for people to say how their seasons have summed up and if they've decided to go anywhere now that the season is in the home stretch.
  12. Waitlisted at NYU. Email says "I will let you know as soon as I can if I have any indication of how likely it is that we will be able to offer you a place. It is only fair to admit that the chances are not very high, but in recent years we have several times been able to take a student off the waitlist." I was not at all expecting this and it seems extravagant to hope to get off the waitlist. Nevertheless, if anyone gets a wild hair and decides to decline, you have a chance to make me very happy. I will understand if this does not affect your decision greatly.
  13. We're all rooting for you DoodleBob!
  14. Same, absolutely over the moon. Cannot believe it.
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